7 Things All Art Students Know To Be True

Whether you're a novice or the next Vincent Van Gogh, there are just some things that go without saying when you're an art student.

1. You know your color wheels.

Whatever your medium, you knew that if you were in art class, or even just working on your projects on your own, you knew to have a knowledge of color families, complimentary colors, and that a single color such as blue, green, or red could have dozens of different shades.

2. You never wear clothes that you haven't resigned to getting messy.

If you knew you had class that day or would be working on a project or piece, you knew all too well the importance of aprons and clothes that you don't mind getting more colorful.

3. You know your artists.

You know that Monet and Manet were two separate artists and that there's more than Picasso, Van Gogh, and Da Vinci when it comes to the list of noteworthy artists.

4. You don't have inhumane speed.

You're so used to the fact that when people find out you draw, who themselves aren't big on the art life such as you are, that they expect to have a fully done masterpiece in an unreasonable amount of time. Like all good things, art takes patience and hard work.

5. Random art stains.

You're not surprised when you find you have graphite stains on your hands, or some paint on your face. You take it as a sign of a hard night's work.

6. The importance of outlines.

Especially when you're starting out, you know your guidelines are your friend (even if they frustrate you to no end on many days).

7. You're unsure of your work.

Even if you know you work hard and have some artistic talent, you might often doubt your abilities whether you're starting out or been doing this your whole life. Even if your fellow students are more advanced, it's important to just keep working at honing your craft each and every day.

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