10 Things You Know To Be True If You're Always Sick

I've always had a bad immune system. I was sick all of the time in elementary school, and while I was hopeful that I would just grow out of it as I got older, I think it may have actually gotten WORSE. Living in a college dorm in proximity to hundreds of other people certainly doesn't help, and as soon as I find out that someone else is sick I accept the fact that I will definitely be next. Being sick isn't fun for anyone, but if you're ALWAYS sick like I am, you'll understand these 10 struggles.

1. You're always blowing your nose in public


Snot is gross, but the only thing more gross might be watching someone ELSE blow their nose. Whether you're in class, at work, or worse- at a party or social gathering- you're used to getting that disgusted look from people around you as you blow your nose in the corner.

2. You also always have to have tissues on you


Cute outfit? Great, but don't forget you need your tissues so you don't have to awkwardly find the nearest paper towel roll to blow your nose. You're always making sure you wear pants with pockets, and you know how to get creative when they don't have pockets (you've had tissues stuffed in some places you don't even want to talk about).

3. You avoid social situations because of your sicknesses


I love talking to and meeting new people, but sometimes it isn't worth it to talk to them when you know you're going to awkwardly cough or sneeze in the middle of the conversation and be that ~gross~ sick person. Only your close friends understand that being sick is the norm for you, and everyone else should be avoided at all costs.

4. You've mastered using makeup to hide how sick you are


When you're ALWAYS sick, you don't have much of a choice than to go out in public with all of your germs and exhaustion. However, you don't wanna be the girl that always has the bags under her eyes or a puffy red nose, so you've gotten pretty good at the art of hiding your sickness under your foundation or concealer.

5. You'll nap any chance you get


Since your body is always sick and run down, you have to get rest at some point to attempt to get better (even though you know you'll just end up getting sick again anyway). Since you don't always want to say no to hanging out with your friends at night, and you can't sleep through class everyday, you've found a new appreciation for midday naptime.

6. Hydration is your best friend


Whether it's tea, gatorade (one of my personal favorites), or just plain old water, you can always be seen stocking up on multiple fluids throughout the day. It might not heal you instantly, but it definitely helps you feel like you're doing something good for your body and detoxing your body of all of those germs.

7. You probably know what illness you have before going to the doctor


After being sick so many times, you start to recognize the symptoms of all of the different illnesses your body fights off. You always walk into the doctor's office and TELL them what you have (and probably what kind of medication you need too because you know them all at this point). Besides, who knows your body better than you?

8. You are an expert at knowing what OTC medicine you need


Even if you don't have time to go to the doctor, you're fully stocked with over the counter medications and know exactly which ones will make you feel better in a pinch. Getting through the day when you're sick can be a real struggle, so knowing what medication is going to help you is a must.

9. You know all of the home remedies too


You don't want to constantly be taking medications, so you know all of the tips and tricks for using things other than drugs to ease your pain. Whether it's gargling salt water to help with your sore throat, taking a warm shower to help with your congestion, or drinking tea with honey (which has ~magical~ healing powers), you know how to give your body ~natural~ ways to heal.

10. When you finally aren't sick, you feel SO free


When you're so accustomed to being sick all of the time, NOT being sick is the most amazing thing in the world. The possibilities are endless- you can actually workout, go out with your friends, get some work done, and NOT be exhausted! Life is good!!

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