I started thinking about all these items when I was putting leftovers away and thought about the divided plate Tupperware my mom used to have. That stuff was so handy. I'm mad I don't own any now to take my lunches to work. As I scrolled through Google looking at vintage Tupperware I started thinking about all these other odds and ends we used to have lying around the house in 2000.

1. Pocahontas Thermos

I don't recall having the lunch box, but I know for a fact we had the Pocahontas and a Winnie the Pooh thermos. I brought milk to school in one of them once, and then forgot to take it home for a few days. Yuck. I saw several of these on Etsy if you wanted to buy one for your adult self.

2. One of these thermometers 


Ours used to sit high up on a shelf, I can recall using it to check the temp a few times. Pick one up for yourself here.

3. Chinese Checker Board

I think I used to know how to play and could probably remember if I ever got a quick refresher. If anyone wants to buy me the board and refresh my memory of how to play go here. :)

4. Marble Run


I could spend hours constructing a maze to send marbles through. Get one for your niece or nephew here. The one we owned had a starting line piece, you could race like five marbles at a time. Intense stuff.

5.  Listerine Agent Cool Blue

I remember my mom buying this for my little brother who almost never brushed his teeth. The pre-brush rinse tinted the plague on your teeth blue so you had to legitimately brush your teeth to remove the blue. I wonder if my brothers teeth habits are any better now that he's 19....

6.  Glow Stars

All the cool kids had these bad boys stuck all over their bedrooms.

7. The ORIGINAL Lite Brite

I keep seeing these modern lite brites in the store and they are tiny and flat and I'm wondering where the heck the giant white box went to. I got my first electric shock from one of these things. I loved them. I'm sure the new ones are much safer, but in case you want the vintage one go here.

8.  Betty Spaghetty

Does anyone else remember the distinct smell of these dolls?

9. Microwave-safe Tupperware Plates

My mom had these in blue, Grandma had them in green. Handy little plates, get yours here.

10. Polly Pocket Compacts

I really wish we had kept ours around, might have been worth some money today. Buy one here.

11. Peter Rabbit Kitchenware 

I loved this set! I remember any time I had a sore throat, Dad would make us gargle warm salt water, I always used this little mug.

12. Art Supplies Suitcase Set


This was what it looked like to score big at Christmas time. Pick one up here.

13. Divide Tupperware Plates

These things were seriously so handy when you had a little bit of everything left over from dinner. It made putting things away much easier too.

14. Velvet Coloring Posters


Another Christmas time jackpot, I think Lisa Frank had the best ones. You can buy some here.