Ah middle school, the good old days! Back when our only worries were if other girls would be wearing a skirt too and if Josh from homeroom would see the note you left in his locker. Take a walk down memory lane to your middle school days.

1. Layered. Camis.

Sara Ursum

The finishing look to any ~fashionable~ outfit.

2. Colored braces!


If you're going to be stuck wearing braces you might as well make it fun! Black and orange for Halloween!!! Red and green for Christmas!!

3. Knee high Converse


Just because Avril Lavigne could pull it off didn't mean that we should, but we did it anyway.

4. Blue eyeshadow


We suddenly got access to makeup and we thought that blue eyeshadow was the right way to go. Nice.

5. Poking people on Facebook


Poke wars truly were the best way to spend a Tuesday evening after finishing your homework.

6. 1 <3 BOOBIES bracelets


"It's to support people with breast cancer" Yeah, ok Chad. If you had this bracelet BEFORE they got banned from your school, you are by definition, cool.

7. An emo phase


And if you went through this phase you're probably still a little bit emo.

8. PINK sweats


The one and only thing on your birthday list because these sweatpants cost a FORTUNE.

9. Hollister/Abercrombie skirts


You've planned this outfit for WEEKS but what if Carly doesn't wear hers tomorrow!

10. Tying your shirts with a hair tie


Look, we were small people given giant shirts. What were we supposed to do about it?

11. Feather hair


This was the ultimate stamp of "cool".

12. Facebook TBH and LMS

Morgan Shaffer

These were the things you stayed up for during sleepovers and hoped your crush would like your status.

13. Typing like thissssssssssssss(:

I loveeee uuuu!

14. Reading/writing fanfics

And if yours was really popular and it was anonymous, you were basically the coolest in homeroom, but nobody knew it.

15. Trying on prom dresses and taking pictures to post on Facebook

Kamryn Romano

So cringy looking back on it.

16.  Editing the f&*# out of pictures

Sara Ursum

Because you had to show your friends love somehow.

17. Tagging your friends in pic grids

Sara Ursum

Show off your CLOSEST friends to the rest of your timeline.

18. Taking one million pictures before the dance

Morgan Shaffer

Gotta make and save those mems!

And if you still do 85% of these things, you're still cooler than most. Long live middle school!