Being a college student has many pros and cons. It means freedom but responsibility, excitement but stress, and fun but a lot of work. When we think back on what school was like before college, some of our favorite memories were from our time in elementary school. Here are a few things we will forever miss about elementary school.

Nap Time

Yes, college students nap a lot and maybe nap time was more for kindergarten, but having a designated time in the middle of the school day is definitely something we wish we could have back.

Arts and Crafts

Who could complain about wearing a smock, playing with clay, and making a mess with paint? I don't know about you, but I would much rather be finger painting instead of writing five page papers!


Getting a homework or quiz back from your teacher with a sticker was one of the best feelings in the world. Why can't college professors hand back our papers and exams with disney, animal, or star stickers? It would feel so much more rewarding and give us so much motivation to do well!

Show and Tell

Show and Tell days were the best because we got to bring in our most prized possessions and show them off to our classmates. Who doesn't love to show off their favorite stuffed animal?!


Lets never forget kickball, foursquare, red rover, the tire swing, the spider web or the monkey bars.

Science Fairs

We might have hated doing the work, but lets be honest ... college is so much harder and not even close to as fun as making poster boards and walking around to everyone else's table! We also don't get first place, second place or third place prizes in college, so that sucks too.


Elementary school around the holidays was probably the best time to be in school. There was everything from class parties to gift giving! No one was ever without a valentine in elementary school ... someone please tell me why aren't things still like that?!

The School Store

While we may have our college bookstore, how could you not miss the school store in elementary school when everything was $5.00 or less?

Field Trips

I've always wondered why field trips pretty much stopped after elementary school ... I mean come on, they are a fun, hands-on way to learn!

Book Fairs

Whenever the Scholastic book fair came to school I'm sure every parent prepared themselves for a lot of begging and whining. From some of the best books, such as "The Magic School Bus" and "Captain Underpants," to fun toys and games, the book fair was always the most exciting thing ever.

Snack Time

There is nothing better than snack time. Period.