Monday 11/26 .... Before you jump into a relationship with a bowler, these are some things you need to know!

1. Most of their time is spent bowling...don't take that personally:

Just because they spend a lot of the time bowling, it doesn't mean they care about you any less, because trust me they still care about you, it's just bowling has been in their lives a little longer!

2. They will spend all their free time bowling..

They will spend all their free time bowling because they think they always need to practice to improve the way they are bowling or they need to improve their average!

3. You will more than likely start to enjoy bowling more:

And by enjoying bowling more, I mean you will have to go and watch him or her bowl just to be able to spend time with them...witch then you will probably end up enjoying the sport so much you will want to start up yourself!

4. They have as many bowling balls as you do pairs of shoes if not more..

I am not over exaggerating I am being serious...this could be a problem!

5. Your first date will probably be bowling:

I mean hey..bowling is fun, and it shouldn't matter as long as you are spending time with that person, showing them you care about something they love to do!

I know it might seem like they only care about bowling and you just are getting mad about it..but don't! Think of it this way, they are 9/10 times at the bowling alley so you don't have to worry them off with some other girl or something! So just look at the positive side of things!