Things To Do This Summer That Don't Totally Suck
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Things To Do This Summer That Don't Totally Suck

Covid 19 might have happened and threw our plans off for the summer, but that doesn't mean the fun has to stop.

Things To Do This Summer That Don't Totally Suck
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Summer 2020 isn't cancelled or over, it's just more different that usual. While we can't go to our concerts, parties, or baseball games where we can drink our $15 beer, we can still make the most of it and get up off our butts!

1. Go camping for a few days.

2. Start biking. Bonus points because you get in shape.

3. Go kayaking.

4. Set up a tent in the backyard and have a mini camping night.

5. Go fishing.

6. Drive to the top of a hill/cliff and watch the sunset with the back of the car open and some pillows/blankets.

7. Go swimming.

8. Go night swimming.

9. Create an end of summer video.

10. Explore the state by finding new hiking places.

11. Tye-dye shirts.

12. Roast hotdogs over the fire.

13. Make smores.

14. Plant a garden.

15. Watch the sunrise.

16. Watch the sunset.

17. Star gaze.

18. Eat dinner on the trampoline.

19. Make frozen cocktail popsicles.

20. Do a new DIY project.

21. Have a scary movie marathon.

22. Make your own slip-n-slide.

23. Create your own pizza night.

24. Pick strawberries.

25. Go mudding.

26. Go for early morning runs.

27. Go to a flower field and have a photoshoot.

28. Create a scrapbook.

29. Have a BBQ.

30. Tie a rope to a tree and jump into the river.

31. Read a new book.

32. Find a new spot to set a hammock up.

33. Backyard makeover!

34. Paint the inside of your house a new and fresh color.

35. Learn new recipes.

36. Have a picnic.

37. Photoshoots.

38. Set off fireworks.

39. Make pottery.

40. Learn a dance for TIkTok.

41. Do a virtual 5K.

42. Say yes for an entire day.

43. Have a fire at the river and drink.

44. Start a journal.

45. Refurbish your old furniture.

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