Things To Consider Before Getting Bangs

Things To Consider Before Getting Bangs

Are you ready to commit to the new look?

You either love them, or you hate them, there is no in between. Curious as to what I'm talking about? A few things may have crossed your mind but in this instance I am talking about the fashion trend that never seems to really go out of style: bangs. You most certainly had them as as a child, but as you grew older they were only a thing of the past. But as years continue to go by, it seems the bang trend comes and goes. After much contemplating, or really not that much and more of a quick decision, I decided to go the cut and get bangs. Was I terrified? Yes. Was I nervous I would hate them? Yes. But it turns out I did love them for a good while. If you are thinking about taking the dive and cutting your hair with an addition of bangs, you may want to consider some things first. Below I have compiled a list of important things to think about before taking those scissors straight across your forehead as you watch pieces of your hair flitter to the ground in front of you.

Do you have time in the morning to style?

Just like when you have short hair versus long, you need a few extra minutes in the morning to style those bad boys. Sometimes if you hair is done just right the day before, your bangs may miraculously lay just the way you want them to. But that is a slim chance. Most days you will need to factor in a block of time to blow dry those bangs out, and then style as you wish. You will also need to factor in them not turning out as planned and extra time to figure that one out. If you are a person who just gets up and heads right out the door, bangs may not be the best for you. Or consider a lifestyle change to accommodate to them.

Do you sweat a lot?

Gross. But yes, something you need to factor in! If you haven't had bangs before, you are not used to something being across your forehead at all times and not a way to really pin them back at first. Throughout the day, if you tend to get hot and clammy, you can bet those bangs will not stay out and perfectly styled, rather start sticking to your forehead and turn to looking greasy. Take into consideration how the bangs will make your skin feel too, it may just cause a few reactions such as some unwanted pimples.

What about working out?

Of course there are headbands, how would I or anybody else survive without them?! But think about this, while you can use a headband to push those bangs out of your face, they will not look like they did before when you remove that headband. If you are planning on showering right after and are done for the day, that's great! But just remember if you need to be somewhere and want your bangs looking on point, this may be an issue. Us ladies don't always wash our hair after every workout, just because it may not be necessary like washing our bodies. But if you are hoping to get the perfect hairstyle without washing, your bangs may now cause you a bit of trouble.

Can you deal with something looming above your eyes?

It may seem silly, but will it bother you having something always fall in your eyes or be laying right above? If you are going to be constantly pushing them out of your face and keep touching them, 1. they will just get gross and greasy, 2. what would even be the point of having bangs? Bangs are meant to be part of your hairstyle, not something to be constantly clipped back.

Will it bother you going in to get trims more often?

Usually you will go to get a haircut every three months or so, or maybe even less if your hair isn't your biggest concern. But if you want to keep those bangs exactly as you want them, you will need to get them trimmed more often. It's surprising how fast they actually grow, and you'll want to be on top of it. So can you calculate in a few more trips to the salon and a few more deposits spent on your hair?

Do you have the patience to grow them out when you don't want them anymore?

I am currently in the process of growing my bangs out, and let me tell you, it isn't no walk in the park. It definitely isn't as bad as everyone makes it seem, but it isn't the most enjoyable thing either. If you have bangs that go straight across, the process is going to take a lot longer than if you just have side bangs. You can get away with styling them as bangs should be, but eventually it comes down to a lot of tiny braids, bobby pins and hair clips, and headbands. I am almost to the point where I can tuck them behind my ear, woohoo! But definitely take this into consideration. It isn't just a quick fix, bangs to no bangs. You need to have patience and eventually your hair will be as you please.

While all this may seem like a lot of daunting things to consider, I am not trying to sway you away from cutting your hair and getting bangs! I loved mine, and there are tons of people who do too. I didn't have mine for very long just because I was pleased with how they were, but was ready for something new again. Others though have them for months, even years long! Don't be afraid to get bangs, it really isn't that scary. Just make sure you consider these things for at least a little bit of time so you know what you are getting yourself into. I honestly think bangs are something everyone should do at least once in their life, excluding when you were a child. Change things up, be fearless!

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8 Struggles Of Being 21 And Looking 12

The struggle is real, my friends.

“You'll appreciate it when you're older." Do you know how many times my mom has told me this? Too many to count. Every time I complain about looking young that is the response I get. I know she's right, I will love looking young when I'm in my 40s. However, looking young is a real struggle in your 20s. Here's what we have to deal with:

1. Everyone thinks your younger sister or brother is the older one.

True story: someone actually thought my younger sister was my mom once. I've really gotten used to this but it still sucks.

2. You ALWAYS get carded.

Every. Single. Time. Since I know I look young, I never even bothered with a fake ID my first couple of years of college because I knew it would never work. If I'm being completely honest, I was nervous when I turned 21 that the bartender would think my real driver's license was a fake.

3. People look at your driver's license for an awkward amount of time.

So no one has actually thought my real driver's license is fake but that doesn't stop them from doing a double take and giving me *that look.* The look that says, “Wow, you don't look that old." And sometimes people will just flat out say that. The best part is this doesn't just happen when you're purchasing alcohol. This has happened to me at the movie theater.

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4. People will give you *that look* when they see you drinking alcohol.

You just want to turn around and scream “I'M 21, IT'S LEGAL. STOP JUDGING ME."

5. People are shocked to find out you're in college.

If I had a dollar for every time someone had a shocked expression on their face after I told them I'm a junior in college I could pay off all of my student loan debt. It's funny because when random people ask me how school is going, I pretty much assume they think I'm in high school and the shocked look on their face when I start to talk about my college classes confirms I'm right.

6. For some reason wearing your hair in a ponytail makes you look younger.

I don't understand this one but it's true. Especially if I don't have any makeup on I could honestly pass for a child.

7. Meeting an actual 12-year-old who looks older than you.

We all know one. That random 12-year-old who looks extremely mature for her age and you get angry because life isn't fair.

8. Being handed a kids' menu.

This is my personal favorite. It happens more often than it should. The best part of this is it's your turn to give someone a look. The look that says, "You've got to be kidding me".

Looking young is a real struggle and I don't think everyone realizes it. However, with all the struggles that come with looking young, we still take advantage of it. Have you ever gone to a museum or event where if you're under a certain age you get in for a discounted price? Yeah? Well, that's when I bet you wish you were us. And kids' meals are way cheaper than regular meals so there have definitely been a couple times when I've kept that kids' menu.

So, all in all, it's not the worst thing in the world but it's definitely a struggle.

Cover Image Credit: Jenna Collins

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My Winter Skin Care Holy Grail

Check this out!


While February has already shown us some beautiful days, it is safe to say some cold and dry days lie ahead of us. I have spent years trying to hunt down the perfect beauty products to keep my skin shiny and healthy, even through these drying months. The list I have compiled below is a combination of beauty products that I swear by and will keep you glowing head to toe this winter.

1. Face moisturizers.

1. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream: For dry and tight skin.

2. Olay Luminous Light Hydrating Lotion: For combination skin that needs a little glow.

3. Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer: For all skin types, perfect for SPF coverage and hydration.

4. Coconut Oil: Any brand works! This oil, which is found in the cooking section of your supermarket, is perfect to hydrate and tighten skin overnight.

2. Lip products.

1. Burt's Bees: Perfect for chapped lips in need of some TLC.

2. Aquaphor: This ointment will reverse ANY damage done to your lips overnight.

3. Self-tanning products.

1. Loreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Serum: This serum sits on your face and body overnight leaving your skin bronzed and glowing when you wake up. It also lasts up to three weeks!

2. Tan Towel Self Tan Towelettes: This streak-free self-tanner applies through a towel and leaves a glowing, dark tan on your skin that is replicable to a real tan.

4. Body/hand moisturizers.

1. Coconut Oil: This versatile product is back again and will be sure to keep that dry flaky skin feeling fresh and new.

2. Cake Heavy Cream: This thick cream is used as a body balm that makes your skin glow, and as a bonus, you will smell like cake batter. Does it get better than that?

3. Hempz Original Herbal Body Moisturizer: Made with natural hemp seed oil, shea butter, ginseng, and tons of vitamins, this moisturizer takes the gold as best moisturizer this winter.

5. Facial sprays.

1. Mario Bedescu Facial Spray: This facial spray is perfect to wake up and revive your skin, leaving it glowing and awake.

2. The Body Shop Rose Dewy Glow Face Mist: This face mist does not have long-lasting effects on the skin, but it's perfect for a quick and easy glow.

3. The Body Shop Strawberry Smoothing Face Mist: This smoothing face mist leaves your skin looking clear and soft, even in the harsh winter air.

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