18 Questions To Tell If Somebody Is A TRUE Southerner
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18 Questions To Ask Someone If You're Wondering If They're A TRUE Southerner

We all know those people who claim to be "Southern," but are they really?

18 Questions To Ask Someone If You're Wondering If They're A TRUE Southerner

We all know those people who claim to be "Southern," but are they really? Ask one of these 18 questions to find out for SURE:

1. Do you like Chick-fil-A?

Number-one, please, add American cheese with no pickles and sweet tea to drink ;) Polynesian on the side, thanks!

2. What is a hushpuppy?

No, it's not something you tell the dog to do when it's being loud.

3. How do you like your grits?

Please don't say with sugar, we like it with cheese, salt, and pepper!

4. What two teams play in the Iron Bowl?

Roll Tide ;)

5. What fruit is Georgia named after?

Check out one of Lauren Alaina's songs ;)

6. Do you like boiled peanuts?

Yes, they actually make these.

7. What do you have monogrammed?

I mean, you have to have at least five things monogrammed to live in the South.

8. How much sugar do you put in your tea?

Gah, we love our tea SO sweet!

9. What kind of rod & reel do you use to fish with? 

Huntin', fishin', and lovin' every day!

10. What gun do you use to hunt with?

Huntin', fishin', and lovin' every day!

11. Where do you get your thank you cards?

Sending thank you cards is PURE southern hospitality.

12. What kind of casserole is your favorite?

In the South, we make casseroles for EVERYTHING.

13. Do you like your bologna fried?

You can't go wrong with a fried bologna sandwich!

14. What is your favorite food to fry?

There is absolutely no limit on what food can be fried in the South. We go from fried chicken to candy bars.

15. What brand of hot sauce do you use?

We put hot sauce on EVERYTHING.

16. Where is the nearest church to you?

Here in the South, we literally have churches on EVERY corner. I mean, we are in the Bible Belt.

17. What brand of boots do you wear?

Our boots are made for more than just walking.

18. What's your favorite meal of the day? Breakfast, dinner, or supper?

Yes, we call lunch "dinner" and we call dinner "supper." It's a thing.

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