4 Things That Keep Me Motivated

To me, staying motivated and inspired is my top priority. I can have as many goals as I want to, but without the drive and inspiration to do things and achieve those goals, they mean nothing. I find that when I lack motivation, every aspect of my life falls apart. I slack on laundry, don't eat right. forget about going to the gym. It is an emotional and physical rut in every sense of the word.

I try to stay motivated in many different ways in every aspect of my life. Here's what makes me feel productive and motivated.

1. Mantras and sayings.

I am a huge believer that your words have impacts and that speaking things into the universe will help you manifest them in some sort of way. I use positive words and mantras all of the time. My phone background, my desktop background, all over my walls, anywhere that I can see them and be reminded of the positive things.

2. Self Care

Being happy in healthy inside and outside is so important for how you perform in your every day life. I like to exercise, stretch, get my body moving and endorphins pumping. That helps me stay mentally happy. I do facemasks, wear makeup, do my hair, things that make me feel fully my best self. This helps me feel prepared for everything. When I am comfortable in my own skin, I thrive.

3. Surround myself with family.

Seeing my parents and my sister all doing their own things and knowing they work hard keeps me motivated that one day it will pay off and I can do what I love for the rest of my life. They remind me that the possibilities are endless and having an amazing support system is everything.

4. Staying Busy.

I find that for me, the more I do, the more I do. If I stay in bed all morning or don't leave the house all day, I will get literally nothing done and fall into a vicious cycle of nothingness. Staying busy allows me to keep staying busy and get more done. I like to feel like I have a purpose, a reason to get up in the morning. This 100% helps me stay motivated.

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