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10 Things You Know If You Were Born And Raised In Raleigh

If you have lived in Raleigh all your life these 10 things will resonate with you.

10 Things You Know If You Were Born And Raised In Raleigh

Raleigh has some very unique mannerisms that only other people from Raleigh would understand. We create a united front of city livers that are honestly really easy to predict.

1. Cookout is a must after any event


Delicious milkshakes -


In Raleigh, after you do anything most people will suggest going to Cookout to finish off the night. It is a hot spot after really anything.

*after a game* "Let's go to Cookout!".

*after a frat party* "I need to go to Cookout".

*after a nap* "Cookout?".

2. Everyone goes to every country concert whether you listen to country or not



Very few people in Raleigh go to country concerts to listen to the artists. People go to country concerts to get drunk, socialize, and potentially meet new people. Raleigh kids even have a specific pole they flock to during concerts at Coastal Credit Union Music Park.

3. Scrolling through Twitter and seeing peers' mugshots pop up on Wake County Mugshots




I know we've all gotten bored enough to just scroll through the Wake County Mugshots Twitter page looking for people we know. If you follow the page, it's almost a game, in a sick way, to wait and see who the next person will be to end up with a mugshot. I know we've all heard, and said, "Oh my god, look who just got arrested!".

4. Snow or hurricane? Prepare for the city to shut down.

The infamous snowpocalypse


Whenever anyone mentions even the slightest chance of extreme weather, Raleigh becomes a post-apocalyptic town. Grocery stores are overrun with frantic people scared for their lives. Do you want bread? Forget it, it's gone for the next month. Water? Absolutely not. And may the good Lord be with you if you ever have to drive when there is a single snowflake on the ground because Raleigh drivers will forget how to operate a vehicle.

5. Don't ever worry about needing medications because you have every pharmacy you'd ever need within ten feet of each other!

They are everywhere.

Every Raleigh person has heard jokes about the three pharmacies on Leesville Road. All three are a couple yards away from each other and the construction was maddening to deal with only to have...yet another pharmacy?? Everyone in Raleigh has been frustrated about that waste of space considering it could have been utilized for something much more useful...maybe a Cookout?

6. Once one construction project ends, another begins

Man building a building.

Photo by Anthony Ginsbrook on Unsplash

You will never be able to drive through Raleigh without running into some type of construction that slows your commute. Don't have to worry about Leesville Road construction anymore? Wait until you hit Falls. And forget about Hillsborough Street, that will always be a disaster.

7. Chrome dome



The beloved old man that can be seen around town biking anywhere he needs to go with his metal helmet. He has become a symbol of Raleigh and you can find him anywhere from Leesville Road biking with groceries to Falls of Neuse miles away.

8. Hanging out with friends means either sitting on your phones or going to get food

hanging out with friends

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

The biggest complaint from Raleigh natives is that there is never anything to do, especially when you're broke. If you make plans with your friends, that usually just consists of sitting on your phones together, going to get food somewhere, and maybe having a Netflix marathon.

9. Taking photoshoots downtown for the scenery

In the heart of Raleigh

Photo by Darpan Dodiya on Unsplash

I'm sure most Raleigh girls can say they have gone downtown for a photoshoot with their friends. It's got the best backgrounds and scenery you can get in Raleigh. Most of the rustic looking walls down there make for excellent lighting.

10. ITB or OTB



Enough said.

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