10 Questions/Comments Every Tall Girl Has Gotten (And Really Doesn't Need To Hear Again)

10 Questions/Comments Every Tall Girl Has Gotten (And Really Doesn't Need To Hear Again)

Apparently looking different from most people includes an invitation for strangers to comment on your appearance..?

Posh Point

1. Oh my god you are so tall!

Oh my god you are so short! I know what I look like, thanks for reminding me though.

2. How tall are you?

None of your business. (5'10.5")

3. Have you grown?

Not that I needed to, but yea... probably.

4. Do you play basketball?

No, sorry to disappoint you. I don't play volleyball either. :/

5. You should model!

Thanks..? But no thanks.

6. How's the weather up there?

Gorgeous. You dandruff has never looked snowier.

7. Can I have the front seat?

Nope, sorry... my legs are not made for back seats. I get automatic shot-gun. :P

8. Isn't that dress/skirt/pair of shorts a little short?

Hey, it's not my fault i'm not regular-girl sized. Stores don't typically make clothes tailored to my (uncommon) proportions! Try to find me a pair of shorts that will go down to my knee. Try. I dare you.

9. I'm sorry, we don't carry tall/long sizes in-store!

Thanks! That's actually perfect because now I know that those pants that I need for tonight will be at my house in 5-7 business days. Just peachy.

10. *Stands on step/chair/table* Look, now I'm taller than you!


As annoying as the bombardment of nosy, personal questions from strangers can get, there is something indescribably empowering about towering over people and being un-ignorable. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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