1. Oh my god you are so tall!

Oh my god you are so short! I know what I look like, thanks for reminding me though.

2. How tall are you?

None of your business. (5'10.5")

3. Have you grown?

Not that I needed to, but yea... probably.

4. Do you play basketball?

No, sorry to disappoint you. I don't play volleyball either. :/

5. You should model!

Thanks..? But no thanks.

6. How's the weather up there?

Gorgeous. You dandruff has never looked snowier.

7. Can I have the front seat?

Nope, sorry... my legs are not made for back seats. I get automatic shot-gun. :P

8. Isn't that dress/skirt/pair of shorts a little short?

Hey, it's not my fault i'm not regular-girl sized. Stores don't typically make clothes tailored to my (uncommon) proportions! Try to find me a pair of shorts that will go down to my knee. Try. I dare you.

9. I'm sorry, we don't carry tall/long sizes in-store!

Thanks! That's actually perfect because now I know that those pants that I need for tonight will be at my house in 5-7 business days. Just peachy.

10. *Stands on step/chair/table* Look, now I'm taller than you!


As annoying as the bombardment of nosy, personal questions from strangers can get, there is something indescribably empowering about towering over people and being un-ignorable. I wouldn't trade it for anything.