12 Things All Starbucks Addicts Understand
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12 Things All Starbucks Addicts Understand

Got coffee on the brain?

12 Things All Starbucks Addicts Understand

Starbucks is a place where all coffee and caffeine addicts can come to get their fix of choice. Most Starbucks addicts understand the struggles that come with each trip. Here are 12 things that all Starbucks addicts can relate to.

1. "Wait, $4 for a tall coffee? Might as well make it a venti!"

Starbucks is super expensive (but super worth it), even for the smaller drinks. So it makes sense to just pay the extra 50 cents to get a larger cup of your favorite Frappuccino.

2. The struggle of choosing between a hot or cold drink.

There are so many choices at Starbucks, and most of the drinks have both hot and cold versions. Usually, the weather helps determine what to get, but sometimes in the winter, it's totally acceptable to get that iced vanilla latte.

3. So many Frappuccino flavors!

The Frappuccino is a beloved favorite of many Starbucks customers, and with so many flavors and ways to customize each drink, it's impossible to choose what to get!

4. "How many shots of espresso is too many?"

Most Starbucks addicts love the caffeine as much as the sugary drinks, and since Starbucks allows you to add as much espresso as you desire, it can be difficult to decide how much is too much. It's important to remember that since the drinks contain so much sugar, it's probably better to stick with less caffeine.

5. "That's not how you spell my name."

The Internet is full of hilarious pictures of terribly misspelled names on the signature white cup, and many people speculate that the baristas spell the names wrong on purpose. It could be a marketing strategy to get free advertising because most people post the pictures of their cups on social media. Whatever the reason for it, the misspelled names always make for a good laugh!

6. No distance is too far for Starbucks.

Even if there isn't a coffee house near you, that doesn't stop you from driving miles to get that amazing coffee.

7. "Does this barista understand what 'extra whip' means?"

If you're an Frappuccino addict like me, you probably understand the love for whipped cream. Asking for extra whipped cream isn't a big deal, but getting the barista to understand what extra whip means can be such a struggle.

8. The food looks fake, but it's actually really good.

The display case of muffins, pastries and other delicious treats looks kind of fake, but the desserts are amazing. The cake pops are a favorite for many, but I adore the flourless chocolate cookie paired with an iced macchiato.

9. Trying to decide whether to get the usual order or switch it up.

It's easy to get into the habit of drinking the same thing every time you make a trip to Starbucks, but sometimes it's nice to switch it up. Whether you get a completely different drink or you just decide to try the cold version of your usual, it can be nerve-wracking to change your order, but you might find your new favorite!

10. The seasonal drinks aren't around for long.

My favorite drink is the peppermint mocha, with extra whip of course, but it's only available during the winter months. It's always a nice treat when the seasonal drinks like the pumpkin spice latte and caramel ribbon crunch Frappuccino are finally in stores, but craving those drinks in the off-months becomes a sad reminder of the drink's short availability.

11. Wanting to drink Starbucks coffee with every meal.

Starbucks drinks are super addicting and wanting to drink them with every meal is understandable, but most wallets and bodies aren't made for that!

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