1. You know how to be a third wheel

Sometimes, it just happens. You have friends that are dating people, maybe even friends that are dating each other. The awkwardness is pretty unavoidable, but if your friends are considerate of your existence, it makes it so much more bearable.

2. Friends come to you for relationship advice... for some reason

Some of us Single Pringles have pretty decent relationship advice that friends use. Still, if we don't have a perfect answer, we are discounted solely because we are still single. At that point, all we can do is throw our hands up and wonder "why me?"

3. Set-up dates

We all have at least one friend who has said, "I know the perfect guy/girl for you!" and have stopped them in their tracks. We never know who we're going to wind up sitting across from, and that alone is terrifying.

4. Questions, questions, questions

Yes, because there apparently has to be a reason why single people are single.

5. You can flirt all you want

Hey, I said we could flirt. I never said we were good at it.

6. There are two different types of single

Just-so-happening to be single vs. actively choosing to be single. Know the difference. Believe it or not, sometimes people actually don't want to be in a relationship.

7. Jealousy

There's always a feeling of "I want what they have" in one form or another. It's inevitable, but it's manageable.

8. Being taunted for being single

Being single isn't a character flaw, and it shouldn't be something to be ashamed of. If only more people understood that "single" is not an insult.

9. Not being "allowed" to turn people down

I don't know why single people get crap for turning down a person who asks them out. We have the right to go out with someone because we are actually interested in them, not because we should "take what we can get".

10. Independence

Even with all of these points, let's be real: single people are badass. We know what we want. We are self-assured, self-respecting, and won't settle for the wrong person just to get rid of our single status.