Things we should know for life
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Things we should know for life

Class of understanding life

Things we should know for life

Sounds like many times when I go to school go to work I realize that there are many things that I’m not understanding. It’s not like it’s like a stupid thing, however it is something that should be kind of addressed in the school systems. It seems like doing homak technology wood shop classes just didn’t cut it for the real life world. And don’t get me started with history and mass and all that, they’ll mean something but doesn’t help being an adult. After a whole bunch of brainstorming, years of experience, help from friends and family, I have a few tips I could make our high school level learning be more legitimate to our normal lifestyles in the 21st century, this class I would call Life 101.

1. Mannerism

Working in retail, seeing on a college campus, manners seem to be the thin line of oil over a cup of water. It seems very endangered. Growing up, manners are super important because nothing you want won’t happen without a please, thank you.

2. Basic fixing

Everything I learned for putting things together, taking things apart and fixing things, I learned from my dad or friends that were experiencing the problems. Sometimes fixing is like putting Legos together and taking them apart. For anyone to fix things, you need to be aware of the dangers, the risks, the tools necessary, etc.

3. Money Management

Money is a hard thing to keep and stock up during the early years of high school graduation, college or just being an adult. Everything requires money and if it doesn’t, tips and gratuities. Do we know who we should spend our money, should we be scared, is it okay for buy personal items often with the money I earn, how are my college loans gunna be paid off? This topic is full of everything everyone should know.

4. Driving

Drivers education is still around in high schools however it should be a required class. Even if you don’t drive, driving is a skill and a decision making skill as well. Many times we all are put into a predicament where you have to make a move fast in your car. Some of the results could be safe, slight damage, full damaged, or death. To understand driving is a privilege, it is good be aware of the risks and privileges driving is.

5. Family

Family and relationships are there for us, the good the bad, the ups and the downs, whatever the situation is, we need the person to talk to and be with. Lives are getting busier with many activities, we need to understand the steps of life, importance of others. As we continue to work and learn, we age, family ages, and realizing these things don’t come as noticeable.

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