Things Servers Hate About Working in the Food Buiness
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Things Servers Hate About Working in the Food Buiness

You may not realize, but things you are doing could possibly be ruining your severs day.

Things Servers Hate About Working in the Food Buiness

After working in the food industry for about a year, there are so many things that I would never find to be absolutely annoying. Things on this list has happened to me, or a co-worker, in some point of time. Some seem very odd and others are just things you would think people would actually think of doing.

1. Coming in with a big party and NOT making a reservation

I cannot express how frustrating this can be. We have reservations in place for a reason. When we cannot accommodate your 20 right away due to people who have either called ahead or are sitting thing is stressful on us. Along with none of the staff prepared water wise, salad wise, etc., If you have a party greater than 5, please call ahead.

2. Coming late to, or even canceling, your reservation without calling the restaurant

We set the reservations about twenty minutes before the time you have given us. No matter the size, a table is set aside making us lose business. It is a common courtesy if you are late or canceling to call and let us know. Especially if you never show, we set a table(s) aside for almost an hour while people are waiting and leaving while one is never going to be used.

3. Leaving less than a 20% tip.

I don't think most people realize this, but people in the food industry rely on their tips. Our paychecks are not minimum wage usually, so our money is based on what you tip us. Especially if it is happy hour or some sort of special. There are too many times when the servers walk out with under forty dollars. The tips is what helps them pay their bills.

4. Leaving no tip on an order over $100

This has happened to myself more time than it should of. If you oder over one hundred dollars in drinks, food, etc., LEAVE A TIP. We go in and out of our way to make sure you have everything correct. Along with the kitchen having to make that much to fill that ticket.

5. Complaining about the wait time when you can see the restaurant is full

In a small restaurant, we get full really quick during the nights. So do not be surprised when I tell you a wait for a six top is at least a half hour. Call head or realize we are full from bar to table to sushi bar.

6. When the server is too slow when the restaurant is too busy

They understand you do not have your food yet. Just how you are mad at us about not having your food, we are stressing in the back trying to get your food to you. Understand that.

7. When you make you requests too obvious

Your glass is empty, we can see that, we are working on getting it fixed. Do not make comments when we drop off your food about how it would be better if you had a full drink.

8. Not getting off your phone

You come into our place, the least you could do is get off your phone until orders are put in. It is so annoying when we are trying to get an order and you give us the hold on finger. We have other tables to get to. I have seen servers not even come until you are done with your phone call.

9. Being rude

Plan and simple. Do not be rude.

11. When you ask oblivious questions that are on the menu

There is a reason we have descriptions of the food on the menu

12. Treating us like we are not human

Just because we serve you does not make us any less than a human. This is our job, our job is to serve. Don't treat it as you are all high and mighty and entitled to everything as soon as you walk into the door.

13. Staying WAAAAY past closing

I have had people stay one hour after closing. I do not think you realize how stressful that it. We have duties we have to do before we leave, but some of those have to be done when everyone is gone. We just want to go home, we have been here for almost ten hours.

14. Flagging us down

This is the rudest thing ever. Again, it makes us feel less of a person and more a slave.

16. Making it seem like we have sinned when your food order has a small mistake

You didn't want dressing on your salad? We acknowledge it, we put it on your ticket. Most of the time, food orders are made by the kitchen. We are just the middle man.

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