9 Things I've Said To My Teenage Sister

9 Things I've Repeatedly Said To My Teenage Sister

She's a little version of me...sometimes, well kind of.

Maddie Rogers

Having a little sister is a blessing and a curse. You love them with all of your heart but they are born with the programming to push every single last one of your buttons. So, sometimes, you have to say what's on your mind.

1. "Can you go shopping with me today?"


When none of my friends are available, it's time to make your sister cancel her plans.

2. "Cute shirt. It used to be in my closet."


MY closet is not YOUR personal mall.

3. "Do you want to get food?"


We both know we're not gonna eat what dad cooks for dinner. (Sorry dad)

4. "Can you drive me to the store?"


The day my sister got her license was the best day of both of our lives.

5. "I'm drunk/hungover, will you come get me so dad won't get mad?"


She's saved my life on multiple occasions.

6. "Mom isn't here, so guess who's in charge."


Being the big sister is always the best when your parents leave the house.

7. "I can drink now so you're driving home."


She's kind of become my personal Uber.

8. "Can I borrow money? Dad won't give me any."


I'm out of cash and I know you don't have a debit card and you save your money.

9. "You never talk to me. Come visit me."


Once I got to college, I really started to miss my sister.

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