For all of you who love astrology, you know there are things only people who TRULY love astrology will understand.

1. You ask everyone their birthday.

In fact, it's difficult to meet someone new without somehow incorporating the question of their birth date. It's the easiest way to assess their personality. It should honestly be a basic question in all conversations.

2. But not before you try to guess their sign in your head.

You talk to them for a few minutes, access their qualities and their traits, and try to guess their sign before finally asking. Are they quirky, compassionate and a little self-interested? You've got yourself an Aquarius. Are they talkative, dramatic and passionate? That's a Leo. And don't even get started on how exciting it is to guess right.

3. All your friends turn to you for star-related guidance.

When your friend starts talking to a new man or woman, they ask you to assess their compatibility. If your friends are feeling a little off, they ask you what planet is messing everything up. When they just simply want to know what kind of week they're going to have, they know exactly who to turn to.

4. You know what a moon sign is!

You know what a moon sign is and what it influences. You also know what a rising sign is and what that influences. You basically know what all the planets do and how they affect the personality.

5. You feel nervous signing contracts during a Mars retrograde.

The absolute worst time to make a deal is when Mars is retrograding, so naturally, you try and avoid any legal documentation those 12 days. You also avoid buying technology and making online purchases. Spending this past Christmas season planning your shopping around a Mars retrograde was a nightmare, to say the least.

6. People’s little quirks are easier to handle once you know their sign.

Someone avoids commitment and responsibility by running away to a new city for the weekend (or forever)? That's just a Sagittarius. Someone is offering their unsolicited, honest advice and are less than delicate when presenting their opinion? That's just an Aries. Someone needs to get input from all their friends, family and literally anyone in a five-mile radius before deciding what cereal to eat for breakfast that morning? That's just a Libra.

7. You date people with the same sign.

It's usually not intentionally, but hey, nothing wrong with seeking a certain trait you like. Like yes, Cancers can be way too passive aggressive and self-centered but they're the ideal romantics that will shower you with constant love and affection, and that's just not something you can get from a Gemini or Virgo if that's what you're looking for.

8. Most of your media consumption is astrology-related.

You have multiple apps on your phone (Checking DailyHoroscopes at midnight before bed, telling your friends to add you on CoStar). You follow astrology accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. You follow and keep up with certain astrologers. You even know which days to check for a weekly horoscope. (AstroPoets posts on Twitter on Sunday night, Cosmo posts on Snapchat Monday morning).

9. You have A LOT of horoscope paraphernalia.

Mugs, t-shirts, rings, necklaces, tapestries, candles, journals, calendars- you name it. You could be a brand ambassador for the stars. Bonus points if you have an astrology tattoo.

10. Your friends send you and tag you in all of the astrology memes.

If any of your friends see any post relating to astrology, they immediately send it to you. And it doesn't matter how many times you're sent the same horoscope joke, you laugh every time. (And you're pretty delighted to be the designated astro friend).

11. You’ve occasionally considered dropping out and becoming a professional astrologe.

Listen, college can get hard. Some girls joke about becoming strippers; you joke about becoming a freelance astrologer. You could live in a humble cottage next to the sea. You could write magazine columns about Pluto transitioning into Capricorn and what it means for your career in the next few months. You could make house calls for those trying to figure out how to fix the communication when they're a Mercury Scorpio and their partner is a Moon Pisces. And you never have to worry about taking a statistics test again.

12. You don’t care what the haters say!

You've heard all of the criticisms. You've been teased, mocked and flat-out called stupid. You've heard it all. But you don't care. If the moon can influence the ocean, give one good reason why it can't influence human beings too? Either way, astrology is a fun hobby and you don't care what the haters say. They just lack the insight, intuition and imagination to wrap their head around the concept. That, or they're just a Capricorn.