Have you ever flown in a plane and were under prepared? Don't do it.

1. Gum


It seems like such an obvious thing, but some may forget. Gum is your best friend when your ears are popping during take-off!

2. Snacks! 

Lets face it, plane food is the absolute worst. So don't be stuck on a 7 hour flight with no food!

3. Chargers & Headphones


DO NOT pack your cables in your checked bag. You need headphones for the movies & possibly your personal music!

4. A Sweatshirt


No matter what time of year, you never know how the inside of the plane will be!

5. Motion Sickness Meds


Even if you don't typically get motion sickness its always good to take precautions!

6. A SMALL carry on 


You do not want to lug a bunch of luggage all around the airport, so go light where you can!

7. A Neck Pillow


You really should try to sleep on a long flight and the neck pillows help a lot.

8. Tissues


Different altitudes affect everyone differently, so don't be surprised if you sneeze!

9. Hand Sanitizer 


Nothing feels grosser than walking off of the plan with the crowd at an airport, hand sanitizer will help keep you feeling at the least semi-clean.

10. An extra pair of clothes


While most of the time its unlikely for your luggage to get lost, it does happen. So you do not want to be sitting in dirty clothes for days because of your luggage being lost.