Why Have So Many Of Us Forgotten Basic Morality?
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Why Have So Many Of Us Forgotten Basic Morality?

Why Have So Many Of Us Forgotten Basic Morality?

Sometimes, I wonder what the world would be like if everything were as it were in its prime.

When a stylish car stood out among the throng, instead of the sea of silver and black, warp-boxed and rubber-wheeled vehicles I see today clogging up my skies. I wish to keep what we have made safe about the silver-spewing boxes.

I want poise to come back in fashion, and for respecting for those around you to come first before the irrationality of the tongue. I wish to keep our idea of equality.

I want dinner tables with families around them, and I deman at least ten minutes of laughtr. I demand to have families know each other. To have sense of respect for the father, to never betray your mother, to listen until grown, and teh nknowkn wehn to walk on your ownb. I wish for this respect instilled from the beginning.

Do not mistake me: I am not asking to return to the decades before us. Rather, I ask you all to look at the world as it is, and ask yourself whether or not everything is as it should be. We know that some things today are in their prime, while others fall far from the mark.

Almost anyone now can live in the world, in the developed countries anyhow, just as they are. As long as you don't harm anyone, you may be who you are.

But many of us seem to have forgotten basic morality. When did we stop caring to invite the stranger over to our table, when they stand at the entrance to the dining hall looking scared at the prospect of a new school year and not a friend to help them? When did we forget just how sweet natural things were, how much nature give us?

When did we forget that a soul is not something you can ignore, while using the body? We use people up, find them in clubs, do what chemicals in our body suggest, and leave the soul the next day, often not even bothering to remember their name. What happened to loving someone, just as they are?

I say, bring back the old model cars with their shine and the sense of adventure with them.

Bring back the public spaces that demanded one either speak to their neighbor, or listen, for once, to the silence, and perhaps, even their own thoughts.

Let's bring back daring, in a respectful manner, where one had to know the other person before they dared to touch them. When humans looked at each other and saw people, not things.

Let us be good, and care about what we do, what we make, what we say, how we make it and say it and live it. Lead by example, let us not be believers in, "do as I say, not as I do." Let us not forget that we are all the same, and yet all unique. Let us fight when we have to, remember what loyalty means, and make the sharpest weapon your mind, not your tongue.

Heal wounds, try not to make them. And, if you must make them, bruise them, don't cut: They only need a warning. Never start a fight: but be sure to finish them.

Count the stars, count your blessings, count the family that you have left because that number can change any moment. Love publicly until you feel embarrassed, and then love until you don't care. Love openly: never let your soulmate, or the hundred other carriers of your heart, ever wonder what it is they make you feel.

Be good. Just be good. Bring back the prime of everything. And be good.

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