10 Things Everybody Dislikes
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10 Things Everybody Collectively Dislikes

I think we can all agree that these things suck.

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I know I am not supposed to hate anything. I have been told all my life that hate is an ugly word. So maybe I should be writing this article using the word dislike. Just know, I REALLY dislike these things and I am pretty sure most others do too.

I can not just do things I do not like because that is fairly easy. It would just be things like snakes, spiders, and olives. But people have snakes and spiders for pets and people love olives. So here are some things most of us can actually agree on.

Losing things

Come on. We all lose things every once in a while. If you are anything like me, you lose things everyday. I always lose my phone and my car keys. Can anyone relate? I always think it is someone hiding my phone from me and I get so mad. But then I quickly realize when I find my phone or my keys...I was the one who put it in the spot where I found it. I dislike losing things.


This one was a no-brainer. Nobody likes to pay bills. But hey, it is a part of life. I will be paying bills till the day I die. Even after that, my loved ones will be paying my bills. Its a constant, never-ending cycle.


I can not stand when I am lied to. I can not stand when someone lies to somebody else. That is also something I was taught my whole life...never to lie. And I am not talking about a little fib like telling your mom that you were not the one who used all the toilet paper. I am talking about major lies that people tell. Here is a good one..."No Officer, I did not have anything to drink tonight," and fails all their field sobriety tests. Nobody likes a liar.


This kinda goes along with liars. Your teachers tell you, your girlfriend/boyfriend tell you, your parents tell you...etc. DO NOT CHEAT. Whether it is a simple math test, on your significant other, or on yourself. Put in that extra work to pass that math class. If you are that unhappy to cheat, you might as well not be with that significant other. What I mean by cheating on yourself is like do not sell yourself short. Do not cheat yourself out of things. Moral of this story: DO NOT CHEAT!


This one is really simple and I am sure you get the point. Do not quit. Finish the job and do the dang thing! I quit two extra-curricular activities in high school and I regret it. I wish I would have just stuck it out and finished both. I dislike when people quit things that I know they can finish. It is like baking cooking and quitting before you put them in the oven. Do not quit whatever you do not like! Just go with it and stick the landing.

Bad service/WiFi

This is a big one for me. I can NOT stand when I do not have service. I get so mad because I pay so much for service and WiFi that does not work 75% of the time. My WiFi will only work when I have absolutely no interest using it but when it gets down to actually needing it...good luck, Charlie. The worst is when you are listening to music or watching a video and it buffers the entire time. Having bad service or WiFi sucks and I do not think anyone likes not having either.

Bad attitudes

I despise when someone gives me an attitude. Especially if it is their job. This is more directed to a fast food place or restaurant. A good example would be when they forget to give you a straw or that .50 cent ranch that you paid for. You kindly ask for either and they give you attitude. Hold up. Wait a minute. This is your job and I am paying you. Now, please, give me my straw and ranch with a good attitude. Thank you.

Wrong order

Let's keep it simple with this one. No one in this whole world likes to get the wrong order. When you order, what you WANT, you expect to get what you WANT. Not someone else's order or something missing from yours. I get so frustrated when the restaurant leaves out my sauce or completely butchers my cheeseburger. At that point, I do not even want to eat anymore.


"YAY! Just what I wanted after a LONG day at work. I love to be stuck in traffic!" said no one ever. Traffic sucks and everybody dislikes it. Nothing good comes from traffic.

Alabama football

Come on. I really had to. Can I get a BIG, FAT, HUMONGOUS....weagle, weagle, WARRRRRR **** EAGLEEEEE?!

On a more serious note, I do not actually hate Alabama football. The Iron Bowl is fun for both teams but surely by now, you know which side I root for.

No, but seriously, I really do not like any of the things I listed above. I wish all of the things were the complete opposite.

I wish we would be able to find everything or maybe not lose it in the first place. I wish that bills were already paid for. I really wish liars and cheaters did not lie or cheat. The world would be a much better place with humans who told the truth and tried to push themselves a little harder. I wish that 5G network was everywhere and that my WiFi was always working, even in a tornado. I wish we all had better attitudes toward things.

I wish McDonald's would not forget my straw and give me my ranch. I wish that traffic, well, was not traffic. And last, but not least, I wish Alabama Football will lose the Iron Bowl this year.

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