Things My Big Fat Greek Wedding Got Right
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Things My Big Fat Greek Wedding Got Right

What Every Greek Knows to be True

Things My Big Fat Greek Wedding Got Right

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is known to be a comedic movie about growing up in a big family. What many people don't realize is that how Toula's family is in the movie, is actually how a lot of Greek families are in real life. Many of us can relate to the on-screen Portokalos family, here are 6 things that are actually accurate when it comes to Greek families.

1. Yes, our family really is that big

in the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" it was joked about how many cousins (Insert name) had and how big her family was. This, is actually very true. My extended family is huge and you can't have a party or event without everyone in the family knowing about it.

2. There is at least one person in the family named Nick

I honestly don't know why this is a thing, but it is. Nick is a super common name in the Greek culture so if you have an uncle named Nick, chances are you probably have another cousin named Nick too. Part of it is probably because Greek families are so big, you tend to run out of names!

3. There's always home-cooking

In the movie it is humorous to see how much food Toula's family had and cooked, but it's definitely accurate. Our family is big into cooking and always cooks traditional Greek dishes, especially lamb.

4. They are old fashioned

A lot of hardcore, traditional nationality family is more likely going to be more traditional than an Americanized modern one, so it's no surprise that my Greek family is old fashioned.

5. Yes, we really do dance like that

In both of the "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" movies, there was some kind of line waltzing dancing going on. When we get together, we actually do dance like that and enjoy it

6. “Opa!” is a thing

During a celebration, like a wedding, the Greek's will break a dish and yell “Opa!” The movie had it down. We also yell "Opa!" when lighting a certain type of Greek food on fire.

7. Yes, we're loud.

There's not much to be said about this one. Greeks are known for being quite boisterous. When we are all together, you wouldn't believe how loud we all are.

8. The churches really look like that

The Greek's are known for their beautiful churches and orthodox religion. The movie does an excellent job demonstrating how a traditional, Greek, wedding ceremony is done in an elaborate, iconic church.

Besides being absolutely hilarious, the My Big Fat Greek Wedding movies are pretty accurate when it comes to Greek culture. The Greek culture does not get that much acknowledgement or fame in pop culture and media. Ever since the My Big Fat Greek Wedding movies, society has a new perspective on what it tryuly is like to be Greek.

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