16 Things Your Mom Will ALWAYS Be Right About, No Matter How Old You Are

Over my past nineteen years of mistakes, I have come to the realization that my mom will ALWAYS be right.

How could she not be? The experiences she has been through and the advice she holds is incredibly helpful, so listen to her and don’t take it for granted!

Here are sixteen things your mom is ALWAYS right about.

1.“Bring a sweater!”

Ah, yes. The classic “bring a sweater,” line. Somehow all moms know how to predict the weather, even when it calls for 75 degrees and sunny all day. So when she tells you to bring the sweater, you better listen to her. Chances are she’s right, and your app that tells the weather is wrong.

2. “There’s something I don’t like about your friend… ~fill in the name of a friend that eventually stabs you in the back~”

My mom has never failed to be wrong about a “friend.” She can read people inside and out and can smell b.s. a mile away. If she says your friend Stacy is not your friend, run in the opposite direction because moms know this better than anyone.

3. “Don’t drink coffee past 5 p.m.”

I still struggle to follow this rule, but she’s right. You may not feel as jittery and wide awake as your first cup of coffee in the morning, but if you think one cup of coffee won’t keep you up in bed until 2 a.m., you’re wrong.

4. “If you eat that now/fill up on bread, you won’t be hungry for dinner.”

This is never not true. That extra warm toasty piece of bread that’s calling your name can wait until you get that chicken parm you have been thinking about all day. Just one more bite of bread and you know you’re going to hear all about “spoiling your appetite.” Just don’t do it.

5. “I don’t like that boy you've been talking to.”

Very similar to #2, but you really never listen to this advice. He may seem like everything you ever hoped for, but if your mom doesn’t like him for whatever reason, that’s an immediate red flag. If you stick around long enough, you will definitely see what your mom warned you about.

6. “Are you feeling okay? I think you’re coming down with something.”

Somehow moms always know when you’re getting sick, even if you don’t know it yet. So start taking those vitamins and hit the health center like your mom told you to!

7. “You’re going to regret that piercing or tattoo when you’re my age.”

Although I am still 19-years-old and have yet to doubt my small ear piercings, some friends of mine have gotten some pretty questionable piercings or tattoos on their body. It may look great now, but just picture your own mom with the same tattoo or piercing you have. You’re welcome.

8. “You won’t even remember this a few years from now.”

Think about it, remember when you got into a big fight with your best friend back in 7th grade and she swore she would never speak to you again? Now think about the present day. Did it really affect you in the long run? The answer will always be no.

9. “One grade won’t change your life.”

I really struggled with this one during high school, and it’s really hard not to stress over a bad grade, but honestly, one grade means nothing. It doesn’t determine what college you'll end up attending or job you’ll end up getting. Refer back to #8.

10. “Do you want to use the bathroom before we leave?”

Just listen to your mom. USE THE BATHROOM BEFORE YOU LEAVE! You’ll regret not doing this when you’re stuck in a car 20 minutes later.

11. “You’ll thank me when you’re older.”

It’s true, certain things my mom used to make me do on my own a few years ago has set me up to be independent today.

12. “They’re just jealous of you.”

If you’re “friends,” are mean to you, it’s most likely because you have something that they don’t. It’s hard to think that this would be a valid reason for someone being mean to you, but insecurity creates jealousy, and we’re all a little insecure.

13. “Did you reapply sunscreen?”

Two words: reapply sunscreen. It isn’t that hard to do, and you’ll regret not doing it when you’re the same color as your favorite shade of red nail polish. Don’t fight your mom on this one.

14. “Quality over quantity.”

This applies to people AND clothing. My mom could count her tried and true best friends on one hand while also rocking her favorite pair of Lulu Lemon leggings that she has had forever.

15. “Are you sure you want to wear those shoes? We’ll be walking around all day.”

I cannot stress this one enough. Don’t wear your most uncomfortable but adorable sandals just because they go with your outfit if you plan on walking around a lot that day. Remember what happened last time you decided to wear them? Yeah, not worth the blisters.

16. “Everything happens for a reason.”

I know, it can be really hard to see far in advance when everything seems to be falling apart around you. Even in the toughest situations, this phrase always ends up to be true. Your mom has been a lot longer than you have, which means she has seen her fair share of bad days, so listen to her when she says this.

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