There are so many things that we care about, but how many of those things are really that important? At the time, it seems like it means the world but a couple years from now I guarantee it won't really matter anymore or have any major impact on your life. In our day and age, we're so focused on little things that maybe prevent us from living our life to the fullest. Here are just a few things that we care too much about but shouldn't. Maybe we should take a look at these and realize what are the more important things in life that we should focus on compared to these things.

1. Likes/followers on social media

2. Your ex

3. Worrying people will judge you for what you order at a restaurant

4. What people you don't like post on their social media

5. Which celebrity is cheating on which other celebrity

6. Comparing how you look compared to strangers

7. When people are doing big life things and you aren't at the moment

8. What someone says behind your back

9. Your crush not texting you back right away

10. Things that you cannot change

11. How many relationships you've been in

12. Toxic people/relationships

13. Snapchat streaks

14. Buying things just because everyone else has them

15. How many people view your snapchat story

16. Brand name items

17. How many friends you have

18. Having the "perfect" body