As such a small school, every Merrimack College student experiences most of the same things. Whether it be from the struggles of finding parking to trying to find someone to go to Sparky's with, we all know what it truly means to go to school at Merrimack. Some of us even have our very own daily ritual to help us make it through. Here are some of the things that Merrimack College students say every day, as told by Merrimack's very own Odyssey team:

"I need an Omelet" @AngelicaMedina

"Why must the construction start at 7 in the morning, 5 days a week..." @ColleenRockwell

"I can't imagine myself anywhere else" @GiannaFerrini

Why are people making noise this late at night?!" @DevonBettencourt

"Meet you at the comfy chairs in the Sak" @KayleMorin

"Are you guys going to Augies tonight?" @AshlynHoward

"Why is the wifi not working?" @KatieClark

"I'm out of Den points" @AngelicaMedina

"Can you swipe me into Sparky's" @JohnCerrotti

"*Wakes up* *Checks email* *looks to see if class is cancelled*" @MariaDAuria

"Me: is there anything good to eat in Sparkies?" @AlisonFonseca

"Should we get dunks?" @AliWolf

"They're ticketing in lot K" @JohnCerrotti

"What time does the Den close?" @ChrissiDiMartino

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