Things That Make A College Girl Happy

As a college student, it can become really easy to become a pessimist. While sometimes it seems like nothing goes right, there are days where I have so much to be thankful for. Last semester I started this habit where I would post on my Instagram story about all of the things I was thankful for that day. While sometimes it was hard to come up with things, most of the time it was so easy to remember all of the good things in my life. Doing this really made me realize how grateful I was for the people, experiences, and memories of my first year of college. Realizing all the happy things in my life has made me realize that while life isn't so pretty sometimes, it's really great most of the time.

1. Crossing things off of your to-do list

3. Making new friends in classes

5. Fresh sheets

7. Crawling into bed after a really long day

9. Going to bed early

11. Staying in touch with your friends back home

13. The fresh feeling of waking up early before your class

15. Finally finding your friend group

17. Finding a quizlet with the exact questions you were looking for

19. Breakfast/lunch/dinner with your brother or friends

21. Going to the library on a Sunday

23. Going home over Christmas break

25. Doing all of your laundry and cleaning your room

26. Planning out the week ahead of you


27. Not being too cold or too hot walking to class

28. Cancelled classes


29. Walking to class with friends

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