If you ever think of saying one of the things on this list, just don't.

"What are you?"

I am a person who is about to scream when I hear this. How I identify is none of your business unless I am dating you.

"How do you have sex?"

Would you ask a stranger who you presume is heterosexual this? No? Then don't ask me.

"I kissed a girl once."

Cool. Me too. I don't care.

"Do you know *insert name of random LGBT person?"

Contrary to popular belief, we do not have one big gay group chat. So no. I do not know your cousin's friend's brother who is dating a man.

"Who is the man in the relationship?"

Neither of us. That is the point. The point is that there is no man. Why do I have to explain this so much?

"Have you ever been with/kissed a boy?"

What I have or have not done is none of your business unless I am dating you. So don't ask.

"How do you know?"

This one is often a follow up the previous one if the answer was "no." How did you know that you are straight if you've never been with a person of the same sex? You just do.

"I'm totally okay with it!"

Cool! I didn't ask. I hope you would be okay with people existing in a way that does not effect you at all.

"Can I watch?" or "Will you kiss for me?"

No????????? ???????????? ????????? Why would you ever think I would?