10 Things I Learned From Joining A Non-Traditional Sorority

10 Things I Learned From Joining A Non-Traditional Sorority

Joining a non-traditional sorority may not be normal but it can have its benefits.


When I started college, I had no intention of joining a sorority. However after hearing my friends talk about the amazing time they were having in their sororities I decided to try and join one. After multiple failed attempts at joining a traditional sorority, I finally found my forever home… in a non-traditional sorority. And after talking to my friends in traditional sororities, I found there are a few things that are different.

​1.  Every time you mention being in a sorority, you get a million questions of which one and people don’t seem to understand when it is not a traditional one.


2. You get to know all your sisters extremely well... almost too well.


3. You don’t have to drink to have a fun time.


4. You can’t find your sorority letters anywhere unless you special order them.


5. It tends to be cheaper to go the non-traditional route.


6. Big/Little is just as important for your sorority as a traditional one.

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7. There are secrets… a lot of secrets. But it is so worth it.


8. There is very little drama but when it does happen everyone knows everything.


9. Your sisters will become your best friends and your big/little will be even closer than that.


10. No matter where you go you will see a sister and know her name.


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The 17 Stages Of Big Little Reveal That All Lead Up To Adding The Perfect Little To Your Sorority Family

I love you big my sweet little!!


I was just initiated into my sorority at Ole Miss last semester, so I really didn't think I was going to take a little until next fall. However, once recruitment started for this semester, I completely changed my mind. And I am so glad I did!!!

Here are 17 stages that range from recruitment to post reveal that all sorority girls going through big/ little reveal as a new big can relate to:

1. Meeting new members during recruitment

2. Deciding whether you want to take a little or not

3. But then being 110% positive you want to take a little because you clicked really well with some new members

4. When you officially commit to taking a little and start getting excited

5. Mood while you wait to find out who your little is

6. When you find out who your little is and it's who you wanted

7. When it hits you how much you need to do to prepare for gifts and reveal and not much time to do it

8. When you start brainstorming ideas for crafts and reveal themes

9. When you start shopping for your little

10. When you want to hang out with your future little but also don't want to give her any indication that you're her big

11. When you have to lie to your future little when she asks if you are her big or if you know who her big is

12. When you drop off your gifts and feel relieved that all your planning and work has paid off

13. When you see your little post her gifts on social media saying she can't wait to meet you and you reallyyyy want to message her about it

14. That feeling when you wake up and it's reveal day

15. The moment of the reveal!!!

16. When your little thanks you for her gifts

17. When it's all over and you can just enjoy your fam

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