My APUSH (AP United States History) teacher was everything you could have ever asked for in a teacher. He prepared us for the AP test and put the pressure on us to get ready for the expectations of college classes but he also prepared us for the realities of life. Over the 2 years I had him as my teacher he shared many drops of wisdom with us, here are a few of my favorites.

"I'm forty-three, I don't do cartwheels, neither am I in a pissing match with a little girl."

Things seem so important when you're young, it's like fighting with a little girl over who can do more cartwheels. As you get older you realize what battles are worth fighting and when you just need to lay in the grass and let everyone else worry about the little girl challenging you to do one handed cartwheels.

"Oh my god, you Bernie Sanders supporting, pot smoking freaking hippie."

Your actions and words say a lot about you, people will make assumptions about who you are based on things you don't even realize you are doing. You need to be aware of the person you are showing to the world because the world is quick to judge.

"I don't care about your learning right now. I'm trying to figure out this fricking words with friends thing Kate made me download!"

Don't let your life be controlled by what you think is the most important, live in the moment and have some fun. There will always be time to finish the work and learn the material but how often do you get to beat your teachers in words with friends?

"We were going to do a research paper but at this point, I'd rather slit my wrists and I don't wanna die right now, I love my family and stuff."

Teachers aren't trying to make you miserable, they feel the same way you do and they just want to move on and get the year over with. Everyone is just doing what they need to do to get home to their family, give them some credit.

"There are no friends in the boy-girl world. You're either are doing the thing or you aren't."

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Don't over think it, you're never "just friends".

"What's the date? Don't write the date just write 'last god darn lecture with Pogel.' Thank fricken god it's over."

The details don't matter, remember the big things. Let yourself be happy and stop concentrating on the specifics.

"Get all dressed up, take a cute picture and say too bad you can't have me, it's over."

You will always be more important than any of the relationships in your life. Remember to celebrate yourself because you might get lost in a relationship and forget how beautiful you are and how much you really deserve. Don't be afraid to make a change because you will always be worth the risk.

"Awe Tucker you shaved! You should do that all the time, that whole unshaven rugged thing isn't really working on you."

Don't let a mistake hold you down no matter how long you have been making that mistake. There is always time to take a chance and mix it up, you might find something that works even better than what you know.

"This is why I love you guys, I can come in here Friday afternoon and not get stupid answers. The other classes are idiots. They're the reason I'm a borderline alcoholic... not an alcoholic, a borderline alcoholic don't be going home telling your parents you don't want me anymore because I'm 'unmoral'"

There are two parts to this one. First, people appreciate your effort and they will always be more willing to come to you when they need something. They will notice your effort and even if they don't say it, they will give you special treatment over the others. Secondly, don't judge someone too harshly over their actions. Everyone has their way of dealing with their day to day stress and you shouldn't lose respect for someone just because they deal a little differently.

"Angel doesn't have feelings, she's a robot. That's why she comes in here and creams all you white people.

Don't let your feelings get in the way of doing your job, go in there and crush the competition. Nothing about you will ever mean you are less than anyone else, even if you are the only "different" person in the room, you can still be the best.

"Get a fixed-rate loan not a dumb-ass variable rate loan when buying and a house or a car. Then take a moment to think of me and how great I was."

This is some basic financial advice but also a prime example of having confidence in yourself. Don't be afraid to say you think you are right and that you know what you're talking about. Stand up for your opinions.

"Don't kill yourself over a test grade in class... Or anywhere else. Don't kill yourself over a test grade or for any other reason, just drink heavily and break stuff it'll be fine."

There is always a way to deal with the situation you are in. Maybe drinking and breaking stuff isn't the best option all the time but hey, it will get better. It is never the end of the world.

"Play with some orange juice, you end up with a screwdriver but don't do that until you're 21. Although I'm sure some of you could use it now."

Just because you are young doesn't mean you don't have problems and stress. Your feelings are valid but that doesn't mean you should break the law to solve your problems but if you are going to break the law to solve your problems, try some fun drinks.

"Don't procreate until you're at least 30."

Take time to be yourself and have your life, there's always time to settle down later.

"Dump first, dump hard and don't eat Wonder bread."

Take your life into your own hands, put yourself first and don't worry about that loser's feelings. Wonder bread is also pretty bad for you so you should put yourself first and kick that to the curb too.

"Your genes are superior, I have faith in you, you'll get it done."

Away remember that you are here for a reason. You were born to be great and you can do anything you put your mind to.