Within these last few days, I have learned a lot about myself. I have been enduring many things within these past few months. Changes, changes and more changes. I've made mistakes and have learned a ton of lessons. The most important thing is that I have grown.

I will give you some insight of what's happened these past few days and how I've grown, so maybe this article can help you grow too.

I have been experiencing a lot of different things in life lately. Family issues, campus organization issues, and work issues. Some issues were worse than others.

I have lost myself. I hit rock bottom. I've shed more tears within these last few days than I have in a very long time. Losing yourself does not feel good. Having your world turned upside-down is not great either.

Let's get into what I've learned.

1. Let it out.


You cannot keep all of your emotions in. You have to let those emotions out so you can begin your healing process. I cried three days in a row. I felt worthless, ashamed, confused, lost, sad and unusual. Putting all of my emotions into words helped me. I finally let everything out and at first, I did not feel good, at all. Time is going by and I am feeling better about my situations. You cannot start anyone until you start with letting it all out.

2. Be honest with yourself.


You cannot be honest with anyone else until you're honest with yourself. This is not an easy thing to do. Taking the time to actual admit things to yourself can be difficult and uncomfortable, but once you begin to do that, you will begin to do it with other people. Realizing certain things and coming to terms with your realizations needs to happen. Take the time to be honest, with yourself and others.

3. Time heals all.


Time is a factor that is uncontrolled. You cannot control time, but time can control you. Nothing will be fixed overnight. Time heals all, but you have to allow time to do that. You cannot expect to be honest with someone about something and expect them to be ready to talk to you the next day, especially if it was something that hurt them. By taking time to heal, you are growing. After a break-up, things seem horrible at first, but after 3 weeks go by, things begin to look better. Let the time help heal you.

4. Believe in yourself & have faith.


You have to believe in yourself and trust that things will get better. They may seem sketchy and unbelievable to change in the right direction. It will be hard to believe that things will get better and that things will work out, but they will. Things may not work out on your timing, but the right timing. Have faith that everything will be okay, because everything will be, in due time.

I have learned that I am stronger than I feel and look, at the moment. I owe myself a lot and to keep pushing for the things that I want and need out of life. Everyone has the ability to be great. Whatever you're going through, don't let it define you because you are awesome & you can get through anything.