When I was going to write this article, I was going to make it something to oppose the joke I made last week. You can read all about that here.

I wanted to focus my energy on writing something that wasn’t necessarily serious, but would definitely talk about all the things I’ve learned about myself this past month being on my own. I’m still going to do that, but it’s definitely not going to be as serious as I wanted it to be because let’s be real, I’m currently writing this as I cool down from running frantically from one airport to another because I messed up my flights. So, even though I would love for you to believe I have it all together, that would just not be true.

With all of that being said, here are some things that I've actually learned about while abroad.

1. It’s okay to be sad

When I first set out to study abroad I put up a front and made it sound like I wasn’t going to miss being at home, or with my family, at all. Before you peg me as the world’s worst daughter and sister, I knew I was going to miss my family, but I just wasn’t expecting the week worth of homesickness that hit me as soon as I shut the door to my dorm room the first couple of nights. When that happens, admit to yourself that you miss home and just call your fam.

2. You can figure things out on your own

Okay, I mean I knew I could do things on my own before I left for my study abroad, but being on a whole other continent and not being able to just immediately tell your family your problems or have them fix something for you on the spot changes things. I thought I was a quick thinker before, but I’ve definitely improved.

3. Go out of your comfort zone

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy or anything, but if you’re used to going everywhere with your friends or never going out to dinner on your own, give that a shot. This isn’t the time to fall into the same comfortable lull that you exist in at home.

4. It’s never as bad as you think

Sure, there might be hiccups here and there and I know that during the adjustment period of being at a new school and a new country I was constantly stressed out and most times on the verge of tears (I blame getting sick as soon as my plane hit U.K. soil). With all of that being said, even if you miss your flight, or train, or make a fool out of yourself, it’s all an experience and when all is said and done, they’re going to make the best memories.