Things in my College Apartment...
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Things in my College Apartment...

... That just make sense

Things in my College Apartment...
Maggie Walker

For my sophomore year of college, I lived in an apartment with three other girls. It was an exciting year and was fun. Throughout the year, we decorated the apartment in ways that made it our own and I thought it could be good and I thought were a fun time. This article I am going to share a few different things that made the apartment more unique for us and maybe can strike some ideas for you! (Shoutout to TikTok for the idea!)

Carsen Edwards Poster

The first day we were in the apartment, we all went out to eat somewhere near Chauncey. On the way home, I saw something in the grass off the sidewalk. I got out of the car and walked over to it and found out it was a signed Carsen Edwards poster! Even better it was a cool painting that someone had made. I immediately grabbed it and brought it home to display in the apartment. It is one of my favorite Purdue related things I have to this day.

Wall of Adventures

Throughout freshman year, we would go to different events. One thing we liked to do was find some sort of souvenir from each one and bring it back as a way to remember it. It was a fun thing for us because we would be looking around trying to what we thought would be the best souvenir. Mainly was helpful for if we needed something to keep us entertained at the events.

Colorful Dogs

College is stressful, it is a great thing but can get stressful. So we started a thing where if we were overly stressed, we would grab a coloring book and pick out a dog to color. Then once we finished we would write why we were stressed, then tape it to the wall. Meaning to be a way to relax and forget about what we are stressing over for a little bit.

Event Box

Some of the events have themes. It can become a stressful time if you do not know what to wear or have anything to go w the theme. So something we started was a box full of different clothes and items that can go with different themes. A way to make getting ready more fun and less stressful.

Photo Collages

We (and I probably mean me) took lots of pictures throughout freshman year. So, we took a lot of those pictures and then put them together in a photo collage that hung in the front room. I like that because it shows not only us roommates, but all of our friends that we have made and was a fun project.

Bathroom Vanity Mirror

One thing that we always used was the big mirror in our bathroom. We would either be getting ready or take endless pictures in that mirror when we were about to leave for whatever we had. It was just the normal activity that took place with us and lead to lots of pictures to remember our year in this apartment. (The cover picture is the infamous mirror!)

Living Room Chest

One of my roommates was given a giant chest to keep whatever we needed. By the end of the year, it became a mystery chest. Most of the things in it are games for us to play, but if you looked through it, I am sure there are more things (like movies, ping pong balls, dice, etc.).

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