The week before finals is the worst week ever. What's even worst than finals week is studying for them. To give you an idea of how much I don't want to study, here's a list of 50 things I'd rather do instead.

1. Go to the gym

2. Eat dirt from a plant

3. Eat both, the plant and dirt

4. Drive my phone over with my own car

5. Wear high heels for the rest of the year

6. Burn all of my favorite cozy leggings and hoodies

7. Thoroughly clean my entire apartment, top to bottom

8. Get stung by 32 bees

9. Get stranding inside a box at sea

10. Pay 40 parking tickets

11. Never eat hot wings ever again

12. Only drink milk for the rest of my life

13. Work a 60-hour week

14. Jump out of a moving vehicle

15. Try to get to another state by only using a paper map

16. Throw all my money and valuables out my window on the freeway

17. Eat a banana peel

18. Gamble away all my money

19. Let spiders crawl all over me

20. Sleep with a hungry tiger

21. Let a stranger pick my nose

22. Shave my head bald

23. Dye my hair yellow and purple

24. Lick the floor of a train

25. Smell stranger's armpits

26. Sleep in a trash can

27. Nose-dive into a pile of needles

28. Drink sparkling water forever

29. Stare at the sun

30. Eat a pencil

31. Sit on a cactus

32. Watch my boyfriend play Fortnite for 38 straight hours

33. Play video games

34. Wait in line at an amusement park all day in the hot sun

35. Light my laptop on fire

36. Handcuff myself to the world's most annoying human for 24-hours

37. Drive a smart car

38. Eat boogers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

39. Answer emails all day long

40. Buy and only wear crocs for the rest of my life

41. Stub my toe 67 times

42. Drink a warm beer

43. Listen to nails on a chalkboard

44. Build a clay home with my own two hands

45. Travel to California and back, by foot

46. Jump out of a plane

47. Co-star on the TV show, "Naked and Afraid"

48. Go shop for jeans

49. Smell a homeless man's shoes

50. Make a list of 50 things I'd rather do than study