I've been 21 for six months now, and there's a lot I've learned.

1. You will get a lot of snapchats

Who gets phone numbers anymore???

2. You will definitely receive free drinks

Adam Jaime

I don't even know how many times I have had someone buy me a drink.

3. Boys, yes, boys will do anything 

I've said it before, and I'll say it again- boys are annoying and gross. Watch out for them.

4. Make sure you always have someone with you

I cannot stress this enough! It is dangerous out there!

5. Get to know your bartenders

My friends and I go to the same bar 99% of the time, so we know our bartenders pretty well. We love them!

6. Don't be too "uptight," and enjoy your time

It's OK to go out and have fun every once in a while!

7. Dance!!!

I get it. You might be embarrassed or too nervous, but do it!!

8. Get rest

I knew this before, but I know it even more now. I have recently come across insomnia and it's terrible. Whenever I do get some sleep, I am so thankful for it!

9. Don't let anyone tell you who you are

This is the worst. I have come across people who have decided to tell me who I am multiple times. I've learned to not let it define me.

10.  Be careful of who is around you

As a young woman, I have realized more and more all the things guys will do solely to get you with them. I have realized all their little tricks and the words they say. Honestly, it's creepy and disgusting. Surround yourself with people you trust!

11.  Watch out for the "just one more" trick

Sometimes, all it takes is "one more" and you're in trouble. Trust your gut.

12.  Take pictures and videos, but don't make that your whole night

You can't regret it if you don't see it!! In all honesty, though, enjoy your time with your friends!

13.  Play your favorite song on the jukebox, and SING IT

Who cares what everyone else thinks!

14.  Pay attention

This is SO important! You have to be careful out there!

15.  Make sure you trust who you're with

It simply gives you a peace of mind if you trust them.

16.  Thank the people who are in your life

It's easy to forget, but you should definitely do it.

17.  Be exactly who you are 

Who cares?!?!?!

18.  Stop being afraid

It's time to get over our fears.

19.  Look up more

I'll admit it. I tend to look down a lot. I've been working on that though.

20.  Try something new

I'm horrible at darts, but I love playing the game!

21.  Fall in love with your passions all over again

I love dancing. I'm absolutley terrible and have no rhythm, but I love it!

21 is great! Be careful, though!