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Okay, so obviously the transition to leave home and go to college was a very tough thing. I was so nervous about my first impression on people. However, it wasn't at all at how I imagined. Everyone is suffering just like me!

There is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Literally, no one cares about anything. Did you trip and fall? No one cares!

You walked into the wrong class? No one cares!

Going to class in an oversized sweater and sweatpants? No one cares!

Did you drop your food on the floor? Well, some people might care. Food is food. We all feel bad when that happens.

Everyone is here for the same reason as you. We all come to study and get our degree and leave. We all share the same frustration and pain when it comes to classes. If you cry in the middle of the library some random people might cry with you. Some people might just be like "same" because we all UNDERSTAND THE PAIN.

You didn't do the homework? I bet most of the class didn't either.

Fall asleep in class? Most of us do. Pretty sure most of us only go for attendance.

You have just got to live life and enjoy your time there. Meet new people! Go to parties! Have fun!

But also do your work. Go to your professors' office hours. Try your best. Help each other out because at the end of the day we all just want to graduate and get a job and maybe not have to cry about 10 minutes.

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