15 Things I Had Time To Do Before College

15 Things I Used To Have Time To Do Before College

Who has time to read for fun anymore?


Well, I have officially survived my first few months at college! Fall semester is over, and spring has arrived, which unfortunately means that winter break has come to an end. The holidays were wonderfully quiet, and during that time I took the opportunity to catch up on all the things that I'd fallen behind on during the semester. But even winter break wasn't enough to catch up.

Here are all the things I used to have time to do before college...

1. Study

Didn't study a lick in high school, but at least I had all the time in the world to. Meanwhile, study time is hard to find in college...

2. Read books for class

^ Me trying to skim over the material 10 minutes before the quiz

3. Read books for fun

I miss the days in high school when I could read books during class...

4. Talk to my parents

I try to call home once a week, but it might only be a five minute conversation.

5. Go shopping

This is why online shopping is becoming so huge!

6. Listening to new music

The "New Music Friday" playlist on Spotify goes untouched for so many weeks...and now all I do is listen to the same songs over and over!

7. Watch TV shows

At least the ones on Netflix and Hulu will be there forever...right?

8. Go to the movies

Now that I don't go to the movies as much, my bank account looks a little better!

9. Cook food for myself (non-microwavable)

Oh sure, there's an oven and a stove and plenty of pots and pans in my dorm...but I've just never had the time to use any of them.

10. Take really good care of my hair

I unfortunately only have the time to do the bare minimum when it comes to my hair...

11. Clean my room 

My roommate and I agreed to clean once a week, but that never really worked out...

12. Go to the gym regularly

Working out would be so easy if there were a gym in my dorm room...

13. Write for fun

This one actually hurts when I'm unable to do it :(

14. Go on adventures

School has never really allowed me to go on spontaneous road trips and adventures, but I want to try and make time to do more of that this semester!

15. Think

My mind has malfunctioned so many times.

Good luck to everybody starting spring semester!

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'When They See Us' Is A Painful Reminder That They Do NOT See Us

The city needed a name, so they chose five.


Recently I was watching “When They See Us" and I stopped the show numerous times, just to catch my breath. Those parents, those officers, and those black boys.

This system.

They were deemed guilty before they even entered the courtroom. The city needed a name to blame, so they chose five. Five black boys whose lives were forever changed. Time was stolen from them. They were forced to become men before they could even enjoy being children. Signing away their freedom for the chance to see their homes again. I cannot fathom being a parent to one of those boys. Wanting to have your child free but forcing them to admit guilt of a crime they neither witnessed or participated in. Antron, Yussef, Korey, Kevin, and Raymond.

They were household names, but they were not present in their own households.

See, in America, black children aren't given the same freedom to just be.

Black boys cannot afford to gamble with their lives with the card stacked up against them. Black parents can not pretend to turn a blind eye to injustices even if they did not encounter them firsthand. In this country, it's Land of the Free white people and Home of the Brave black people. This country, this nation was built on the backs of slaves and it's soil reeks of lynched flesh. “When They See Us" is a reminder for me, but an introduction for those who are not black.

This system was never meant to work for them. The tone was not innocent until proven guilty. It was saturated with politics, hidden agendas, and pure racism. It was never a fair fight when your skin is a determining factor rather than your innocence. Black men have always been targets — now their neighborhood is being treated like shooting ranges. Prisons are filled with black men for minor offenses that white corporate America is continuing to profit off of. This system, with all its broken pieces, is not built on justice or an even scale. But instead, embedded in its DNA is a history of hatred coupled with violence.

When they see us, they do not see us.


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Am I An Addict And Social Media Is The Drug?

Hey, my name is Ashley Williams and I am a social media fanatic.


I don't know if it's because I was born into this generation that is built on social media and technology or what, but I just know it's a part of me that I won't be able to get rid of.

Social media has amazing perks... it's a faster way of getting and keeping in touch with someone, you have your daily news and entertainment right at your fingertips, and you can share and learn just by opening up an app. But, despite these amazing advancements social media has provided for me, recently I've been feeling kind of like a... zombie, or slave to social media.

It's gotten to the point where it's a part of my morning, afternoon, and nightly routine. I wake up to browsing my social media to ending my night checking my social media one more time just in case I missed anything that's "worth my time."

Recently in my Writ 102 class, we had to write a research paper about anything our hearts desired, and I chose to write about the impacts of social media on someone's mental health.

While researching and trying to get my sources, I came across tons of information that suggest that millennials are most likely to experience a phenomenon called FOMO, fear of missing out. Crazy, cause that's exactly how I feel when I check my Twitter or Instagram feed right after I was just on it knowing damn well, nothing new has popped up.

...And this thought came to me... am I an addict and social media is the drug?

Is getting a notification, a" like", a dm, or something new being popping up on my feed the dopamine that's fueling my craving for my social media addiction?

Is this bad? I mean it's not like I checked my phone seven times, mindlessly scrolling while writing the first half of my blog... I'm not that addictive. It's just a little crave.

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