As far as I'm concerned, there are plenty of articles out there about tell us how our significant other should treat us, and why we should go ahead and dump them if they aren't doing certain things for us.

Have we ever stopped to think about how we, as women, should be treating our boyfriends, too? Here are some things that you should consider doing for your boyfriend (if you aren't doing them already).

1. Support him.

Support your man in all he does. Support his goals. His dreams. And praise him for his accomplishments along the way.

2. Little gifts here and there.

A lot of great boyfriends like to buy little things for their girlfriends every once in a while. Sometimes, when you do the same for your man, it means a lot to him. Just like it means a lot to us girls.

3. Remind him how important he is.

Just like how he gives you little reminders, it’s nice for you let him know how important he is to you too. This is a simple thing that us girls often forget to do because we’re usually the ones that need the reassurance, but it means a lot to your boyfriend if you do it for him too.

4. Pick up the tab on a date.

A great boyfriend probably wouldn’t ever let you pay for any of your dates, but sometimes it’s nice in insist on having that dinner on you. As much as it might bother him that you’re paying, he’ll be relieved and appreciative of you I the end.

5. Spend time with his family.

Spending time with your boyfriend is very important and special. However, spending time with his family is also very important. If your relationship serious, getting close with his family is a great way to please him and your relationship. And it shows him that you really care and are serious about your relationship.

6. You understand when it's 'guys night.'

Your boyfriend has a life outside of your relationship just like you do. It’s important to understand that when he wants his boys’ night, let him have it. We need our girls’ nights so he should be able to have his guys’ night.

7. Push him to be a better man.

A great girlfriend will always push their boyfriends to be the best that they can be. You’ll change him for the better and in the end, he’ll love you for it. Even if it seems like he resents you at first.

8. You forgive.

You learn to forgive your boyfriend if he messes up and makes a mistake. A mature, adult relationship moves passed little problems.

9. You're equal.

The relationship is an equal partnership. You’re his princess and he’s your prince.

10. You love him.

No matter how many times he pisses you off and how many arguments you guys get into, you love him anyway. A great girlfriend loves her boyfriend through the good times and bad.