9 Things Girls Who Wear Huge T-Shirts Are Tired Of Hearing
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9 Things Girls Who Wear Huge T-Shirts Are Tired Of Hearing

It's the love story between a girl and large t-shirt...

9 Things Girls Who Wear Huge T-Shirts Are Tired Of Hearing
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Wearing a T-shirt twice your size: truly one of the largest fashion trends we've seen so far. In fact, it isn't just a trend, it is an epidemic. It is a way of living -- it is simply a lifestyle. Sounds silly, doesn't it? But everywhere you go, no matter where you are, you see girls wearing huge T-shirts that could also double as a dress. The shirts go down to mid thigh, maybe even the knees, and you cannot seem to find any proof that the girl is wearing any form of bottoms. I am guilty of this, and I have no shame in that whatsoever. Actually, I have been guilty of this for quite some time. Many people refer to it as "the sorority uniform" because girls in college suddenly decide to dress this way. For many girls that is true; they go from normal human being in high school (nice outfit, makeup on, etc.) to "girl who doesn't seem to care" in college (rolls out of bed and puts on closest T-shirt you can find). But I seemed to have hopped on the bandwagon super early, as I was doing this since sophomore year of high school. Even though this is extremely comfortable, and a great method to save time in the morning, girls who dress this way are constantly bombarded with the same questions or comments. Over the years, here are some of the questions I have been asked, or things I've been told (and most of these are phrases I hear almost every. single. day.)

1. Are you wearing shorts?

Yes, I am wearing shorts. Do you really think I would go into public wearing no bottoms? A part of what makes the large T-shirt trend so amusing and comfortable is the fact that you can wear any form of athletic bottom you want, and usually no one can see. Nike shorts are a common choice, and it doesn't matter what color they are! No need to match anymore, ladies.

2. You know, honey, that shirt is a little big...

Well thank you, Captain Obvious. Yes, it is big. Did you think I didn't know that? Wearing a shirt twice your size is so comfortable, and once you do it, you'll never go back. You feel so open, so loose and just free.

3. Whose shirt is that?

People immediately assume that the shirt you're wearing is someone else's such as your dad's or boyfriend's, or even just a friend's who happens to be a size bigger than you. Sometimes that may be the case, but usually not. I hardly know any girls who buy T-shirts in their own size these days.

4. Did you sleep in that?

So what if I did? Who said large shirts are strictly for sleeping use only? Another benefit of this style is that you can roll out of bed -- not even touch your top -- and throw on a pair of shorts. Then you're golden! That took maybe 5 seconds whereas picking a coordinating outfit that you actually want to wear can take up to 20 minutes.

5. Where are you going after this, the gym?

*Lets out huge sigh and gives a slight eyeroll* No, I am not. *Contemplates if that was a diss and if I should be or not*

6. Just how many T-shirts do you have?

It's funny because as people see you every day, such as your immediate family or close friends, they begin to question how many T-shirts you own. I guarantee people who sit behind you in class are wondering the same thing, too. If you're like me, you have about 60 of them and need 3 drawers to fit them all.

7. OMG, that could totally pass as a dress in my school's dress code!

In most high schools with a dress code (which is all of them unfortunately), the rule for girls is that all bottoms must be at least finger tip length (meaning when you have your arms down straight by your side, your bottoms cannot be shorter than the length of your longest finger). Sometimes wearing big T-shirts passes those guidelines, and my friends never fail at letting me know. I guess I am kind of sort of wearing a dress. No shame, though.

8. Are you, like, depressed?

One thing that infuriates me is when people ask if I'm constantly sad because I don't spend endless hours picking and wearing uncomfortable clothing that makes me "look good." I was unaware that girls who constantly wear T's are upset at the world, and quite frankly, it makes me giggle. Yes, I love myself, and no, I am not depressed. I just like to be comfortable, and there should be nothing wrong with that!

9. Girl, I wish I had the confidence to wear that every day like you do.

Sometimes girls will silently admire you for wearing huge shirts every day, or sometimes people will comment on that. It may show you off as lazy in some eyes, but in others, it shows that you do not care how you look -- that you value your own comfort above anything else. Some people will truly admire that and view you as confident and indestructible to what others may say.

Bottom line is, the so called "sorority uniform" is the best thing to ever exist. I am a big fan, as everyone who knows me knows, and I will probably wear big T-shirts until the day I am forced not to. But until that dreadful day arrives, I will strut around in my big T-shirts that go down to my knees (almost), and love every second of it.

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