Tips for your first year of college that no one will tell you

1. Bring more than one toothbrush

I know it sounds strange but you’re bound to get sick in college, the whole campus is a germ fest. Often you get sick at the most inconvenient times and with this means you probably don’t even think about switching your toothbrush. You’re likely to not want to go and buy a new one so just keep an extra in your room so if you need to use it you have it.

2. Bring healthy snacks

You’re bound to be sitting in your room hungry and not want to go to the dining hall. Keep snacks in your room. But always have healthy snacks. Yes, you may not always want to eat these healthy snacks so you can keep the junk food around too but you eat what you have. If you have 4 packages of oreos, chips and soda that is what you’re going to eat. It is so much easier to eat healthy and keep the freshman 15 off if you only have healthy options.

3. Extra chargers

Chargers break all the time, people will steal your chargers, you will lose your charger or leave it somewhere silly where it is lost forever. Always keep an extra charger in your room just in case anything happens. And the longer your charger the better, you never know where the outlet will be in relation to your bed.

4. Always have a charger on you

Portable chargers are your new favorite thing. I have seven portable chargers. Yes seven and still counting. This may seem excessive but i’m never concerned about my phone dying when i’m away from a charger. Buy lots of portable chargers and keep them everywhere, your backpack, gym bag, purse, wallet, duffel bag. Always have a portable charger or a wall plug with you just in case.

5. Headphones

Going along with always having a charger always have headphones. If you spend time in the library it can become loud at some points and you won’t be able to drown the noise out or focus on your work. Headphones can just come in handy in many situations.

6. Write everything down

You will forget everything. There is so much going on all the time. You are very likely to mix up your days, the times, and everything in between. Get a planner or use your reminders in your phone. They keep showing up until you actually do them so don’t forget.

7. Ear plugs

People are loud and annoying and truly don’t care about your sleep schedule. If you like to nap or if you go to sleep before 3am then I would suggest bringing earplugs like the ones hunters use. This will allow for you to sleep when you want and not be annoyed by your neighbors every night.

8. Keep decorations simple

I know you want to decorate and make it your home away from home but half the time your room will look like a bomb went off and you won’t even notice half of your decorations are there. Plus usually half of them will fall down and you won’t even know where to put them because you don’t have time to put them back up. Pus you will not have room when you’re packing up to leave for those extra decorations. Just keep it simple, make it homey but keep it simple.