While listening to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus my housemate and I were reminiscing about our middle school years - the angsty music, skinny jeans, and eyeliner - when she claimed that she never went through an emo phase. I just laughed at this ridiculous claim. As one of the most joyful people you have ever met, I can tell you that my love for the emo scene is alive and well. Here is a collection of moments that every ex-emo kid knows too well.

1. Music Was Culture

I'm the one in the pink flannel...

2. Super Skinny Jeans Were Just Considered ‘Jeans’

You wouldn't be caught DEAD in a pair of boot cuts.

3. Your Arches Are Ruined By Your Converse/Vans Obsession

No one ever told you it would be like this.

4. You Still Have A Crush Crush Crush On Hayley Williams

And/or you wanted to be her.

5. Your Hair Is Damaged By Excessive Straightening and/or Hair Dye

Possibly stemming from your love of Hayley.

6. My Chemical Romance Gave You All The Feels

Still does, tbh.

7. Eyeliner Was The Only Makeup You Needed

And you would not only wear it on your lids, but under your eyes as well.

8. You Can Name Every Member Of Fall Out Boy

And you would FREAK if you met any of them.

10. The Love You Had For Secondhand Serenade Is A Dirty Little Secret

11. Speaking Of…

See what I did there?

12. Don’t Even Get Me Started On Hot Topic

The tees, studded belts, and band bracelets!

13. And Mirror Selfies

Bonus points if you had unnecessary flash and a band tee.

14. But It Was A Time You'll Never Forget

Were you an emo kid? Maybe it wasn't "just a phase" and you still are. Have you just found out that you were oblivious to this part of your life? Let me know in the comments below :-)