8 Things Every College Kid Does Before A Test
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Student Life

8 Things Every College Kid Does Before A Test

You can relate to at least one!

8 Things Every College Kid Does Before A Test

As finals week is just around the corner, and test weeks have been way too prevalent in the schedules of students, plenty of us can relate to doing one if not all of the things below before the big test day.


Coffee is prevalent the night before the big test. Many of us probably never discovered coffee until college. I think I can speak for many students when I say that on the eve of a big test, coffee is a must!

Calculating the best and worst possible outcome.

Not that we aren’t more than capable of achieving a big fat A on a test, but sometimes anxiety kicks in and we need to calculate the worst possible outcome in order to tackle the big test.

Asking the teacher what will/will not be on the test.

I want to take this time to personally thank all of our educators for being so patient with their students. If you guys are anything like me, I email the teacher days and days in advance to triple and quadruple check whether or not something will be on the test. To my teachers this semester, my sincere apologies and thank you so much for your endless patience and encouragement.

Dividing Information Up.

On the eve of the test, your study room, bedroom, living room, or library table is anything but organized. Information of the different sections of the material is everywhere because almost always it is never a good idea to learn all the information at one time. I had to learn this the hard way.

Finding Unknown Things In Your Reading/Notes.

Several students relate to being in a state of deliriousness and finding a concept in your notes or readings that weren’t there before. If this has never happened to you, I applaud you and advise you to stop reading now. Whether you start hysterically laughing or crying on the scene, keep hope!

Extra Credit.

To teachers that offer extra credit, bless you. If you do not calculate your extra credit into your grade before the big exam, well, that is just morbid. Extra credit brings hope. Hope brings great things. That is all.


In all seriousness, prayers before the big exam are much needed. He overcame the grave. You can overcome a few pages of information.

Listening to Inspirational Music.

To be completely honest, my workout playlist is not as motivating as my test week playlist. Listening to it you would probably think I was about to run a marathon. However, the inspiration before a big exam triggers a confident mindset. Having confidence during an exam can make or break. It is sometimes the difference in a letter grade. Play “Eye of The Tiger” if you need to. It’s fine.

Whether you are entering high school or anticipating graduating college and moving onto the next chapter of life, I think I speak for all of the students in that we have all done at least one if not more of the things listed above. I wish all of the students out there nothing but tons of extra credit, limited information to study, plenty of prayers, and the most incredible playlist out there.

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