11 Vital Things You Didn't Know You Needed For College

There are so many articles out there that list things you'll need for college that you don't think of. Most of them have things like irons or a mirror, but I'm going to get even more specific than that. Here are things you need for college that you wouldn't think of until you don't have them.

1. Something that Boils Water

Whether it be a Keurig, a hot pot, or something else, you WILL want this. You're not gonna want to spend all of your money at your school's coffee shop (well, you might, but it's expensive), so it's recommended that you get something to boil water. This is also great for rice and Ramen Noodles, both college staples. Seriously great for late night cravings that you don't want to leave your room to satisfy.

2. A Backrest Pillow

So this probably seems a little frivolous, since you can rest up against your pillows. However, your pillows are definitely gonna slide down and won't provide enough support, leaving for a very sore neck and back. These are more firm, providing support and comfort. It's also great for sitting on your bed and doing homework! Preferably get one that's soft/fluffy; you won't regret it.

3. A Mattress Pad

For my first two years of college, I did not have this. It didn't bother me too much, but once I did get a mattress pad, there was no way I was going back. It's like sleeping with a cloud between you and the bulky fire-guard mattresses provided by the school.

4. String Lights

So this one may seem super cliche, but there's actually a good reason that these are a trend among college students. 90% of college dorm rooms are lit by fluorescent lighting, which can quickly getting annoying and irritating to your eyes. It doesn't feel like natural lighting. In our modern age, we have LED and Tungsten lights (though LED is recommended, so as to avoid any sparks when the lights go out). These make for MUCH more natural lighting, which also makes it easier to see things as they are, and not with an odd hue of yellow-white from the light. A small lamp is also encouraged.

5. A Shelf/Nightstand

Sometimes you can place your dresser next to your bed, but sometimes there just isn't enough room. A nightstand is great to put your phone on while charging, a water bottle, glasses, etc. A shelf is great to put those typical college snacks and small items, like Ramen, popcorn, chips, etc. Many times, you can buy a small shelf that will fit next to your bed, if you measure it out, and use the top of it as a nightstand. More storage, and a place to put your phone where you can hear the alarm in the morning!

6. Everything from the "Command" Brand that Exists

This may be something you have already thought of, but you'll need more than you think. Unfortunately, it can be kind of expensive, but it is so worth it. Duct tape leaves marks on the wall, scotch tape doesn't want to get off of the wall, and any nails or screws that are found are considered "damage". Command really does come off as clean as the commercials show, and they can hold up almost anything (the packaging will tell you which ones can hold up to what weight).

7. Your own Printer and Stapler

Many school's libraries and academic buildings have printers staplers that you can use. When you're writing a paper at 11:00pm though, you're probably not going to want to walk over to one of the above buildings to print and staple your paper. Having a printer and stapler on hand with you is so much easier than going somewhere else to use those things. Plus, it saves you walking time when you're up for a late night and just want to get to bed as soon as possible.

8. Packing Tape

You will be sending packages home, sending rental books back to their respective companies, and using the mail system for so much more. Packing tape is a must, as masking tape, and sometimes even duct tape, are not gonna cut it with your local post office most of the time. Packing tape is also much sturdier, keeping you from risking any damage fines when returning books.

9. Curtains

The blinds that a dorm room comes with are not very great. They do the job, but they're also not very flattering to your nicely decorated room, and they're usually a pain to work with. Black out curtains are great if there's a street lamp outside of your window, or if you just like things to be very dark at night like I do. If you have a sink in your dorm room, they're great for putting in front of that, as a messy sink can also be an eyesore. You probably won't want everyone seeing all of your personal belongings anyways.

10. A Sports Water Bottle

This one may sound weird, but they truly are easier. They have a straw on them for easy and quiet sipping in class. You can use them when working out, or you can put them in your backpack's side pocket without it spilling. They're easy to fill and typically are very nice water bottles. Along with all of this, you can avoid embarrassing spills all over the front of yourself. You will want to stay hydrated in college, especially with all of the walking to and fro.

11. Your Dog/Pet

You will seriously miss them more than you can ever imagine at college. Creds to my dog for taking this bomb ass pic.

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