9 Things That Annoy The Average Human Being
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9 Things That Annoy The Average Human Being

Everybody has a list of peeves.

9 Things That Annoy The Average Human Being

Everybody has a list of things that absolutely grinds their gears. I am no exception. Pet peeves, irritations, annoyances, various irksome things...yeah, I'd prefer to avoid all of that.

1. Taxi service

Being a college student is rewarding if everything goes smoothly. It goes even smoother when you have a car. It is not smooth, however, when people think that just because you have a car they can ask for a ride whenever to go wherever - usually without gas money or schedule focus. If I am heading the same way as you, hop in. Otherwise, my car is not a taxi, Uber, or Lyft.

2. Late people

Schedules are tight when you work and go to school and have to find time somewhere to work out, right? Waiting around for someone that said they would be there at a specific time and end up showing up thirty minutes to two hours later is a waste of my time and makes it incredibly likely I will not ask you to hang out anymore. Be early. It makes people happy. If you are late, just a heads-up is nice, too.

3. Hitting me up for money

I work three jobs, go to school, and finance my food, phone, gas, and vehicle. Do not ask me for money. It is not because of being miserly, it is because I work hard and barely pay for that stuff as it is. I also do not operate under the IOU standard. That is a great way to lose money and never see it again.

4. Everything is racist/sexist/something-phobic

If you can honestly see something like the aforementioned in literally everything, there is a serious problem with you and you need to rethink your life and grow a thicker skin. Most of that crap you see is fluffed up anyway. Stop being so weak.

5. Politics

The world would be so much of a better place if people minded their own business and focused on the good stuff in life than the nuances of politics and who is in office. Even people who were strongly into the political game last year are tired of seeing everything related to politics everywhere they turn.

6. "I Can't Mentality"

"I can't" means "I won't". You can do it, stop saying you cannot. Open your mind and achieve your potential. Get over that mental block.

7. Attention-whore statuses, pictures, and clickbait

Fishing for compliments is lame. It annoys the smart people and really only appeals to the people closest to you. Photos with attention seeking content and captions are a great way to lose followers and friends. Clickbait is when you post something vague like "I give up" and leave it at that and never give any reason so people will ask what is going on in the comments. Not cool.

8. Catfishing

This does not need any defining. It is mean, it is demeaning, and it is bullying.

9. Cheating

How hard is it to stay loyal to one person? I think it would be more of an effort to be cheating with multiple people than staying loyal and respectful to one person.

There is probably something on this list that annoys somebody. Being aware of issues such as these are the perfect way to begin nipping them in the bud.

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