Before coming to college, I had never gone grocery shopping for myself. The first couple of times I went to the grocery store this past fall, I bought way too much food because I honestly didn't know how much I would consume by myself. I'm sure many people have had this experience and possibly experienced some of the following things.

1. Getting a basket knowing that you're going to need two carts by the time you're done shopping...

2. ... or deciding to drive the motorized carts and ignore the dirty looks you'll get from everyone else in the store.

3. Buying a couple of pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables in order to start eating healthier, but deep down knowing that you're probably not going to end up eating all of it...

4. …or skipping past the produce section because you've accepted the fact that you still need your parents to tell you to eat your fruits and vegetables.

5.Taking advantage of BOGO deals/sales on your favorite snacks.

6. Loading the cart with instant (insert some type of carb and sodium loaded food here).

7. Ignoring the list that you made...

8. ... and forgetting half the things that you actually came to the store for.

9. Running into one of your friends and having a long conversation while blocking the whole aisle with your cart.

10. Grabbing some new age food item to see what the hype is all about.

11. Grabbing all the snacks you used to eat as a child because your parents aren't there to tell you that you can't get it.

12. Filling the bottom part of your cart with La Croix/some other fizzy drink.

13. If you live in a dorm, you probably skipped the meat department.

14. Running your cart into someone/something and being embarrassed for the next four years about it.

15. Making fun of a tabloid while waiting in line to check out.

16. Having to call an attendant in self-checkout because the machine is yelling at you.

17. Not having enough reusable bags on hand and trying not to feel guilty about having to buy a plastic/paper bag.

18. Be genuinely shocked when you go under budget...

19. Pretending to be genuinely shocked when you go over budget.

20.Getting to the parking lot only to realize that you can't possibly fit your bags into the trunk of your car or carry all your bags if you rode the bus.

If haven't done any of the things above, are you really a college student?