Things All Long-Term BFFs Can Immediately Relate To
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Things All Long-Term BFFs Can Immediately Relate To

Because nothing could break the bond created over beating Rainbow Road for the first time.

Things All Long-Term BFFs Can Immediately Relate To

Once upon a time... You found your best friend. The Blair to your Serena. The Spongebob to your Patrick. The Amy to your Tina. Whether it was on the elementary school playground, at the summer pool, at summer camp, on a sports team, or in class, you became inseparable. Something brought the two of you together. Something like bonding over wearing the same "Justice" skirt, seeing that you had the same Nintendogs game (everyone knows that the Lab & Friends one was the best), or connecting through your Tamagotchis, some act of higher power brought the two of you together.

This bond, however insignificant at first, would grow into something so beautiful, so loving, and so perfect. They would become your best friend.

You grew up together, you beat Rainbow Road for the first time, made towel forts underneath the diving boards, terrorized your teachers and coaches. Over time, the two of you grew inseparable, the bonds deepening, and the inside jokes ever growing in number. You would promise each other to be each other's bridesmaids, you confessed each others crushes, made sure that they knew your family would definitely adopt them at the drop of a hat, and planned to stay by each other's sides until the very end.

This was the person that watched you grow up. Through the Skechers light-up sneakers to the awkward brace-face stage to the questionable pre-teen outfit choices (thanks Hot Topic), to helping pick out prom dresses, to being the number one consultant on college decisions. Through all of these defining moments, you probably ended up on the same wavelength, inexplicably able to read each others minds, finishing each other's sentences.

Whenever someone referred to their best friend as you own, you ended up being extremely over-protective, trying to assert your best-friend dominance. Even though deep down you knew that nothing could tear you apart, you wanted to make your #1 BFF status known to the world.

The two of you have no boundaries, and you would never have it any other way. Outsiders are creeped out, mutual friends can’t explain it, your parents think it’s super weird, but to you it just feels so right.

You definitely have made countless secret handshakes much too elaborate to ever be able to replicate a second time, let alone remember through a single day of school.

If you were ever in the same class as your best friend growing up, nothing would ever get accomplished because you wouldn't let the other one ever concentrate.

And your teachers definitely never understood your special connection.

They stood by your side through not only the best of times, but more importantly, the absolute worst of times. The loss of a family member, a bad break up, the stress of college applications, they were always there, Kleenex in hand, shoulder prepared to soak up the tears.

They completely understand your hatreds, and more often than not will unquestionably hate the same things just to back you up.

When everything and everyone else was super overrated, you always had each other. The dream team of two was so real. You also probably assumed you were just inherently cooler than you actually were.

Then one day... You both left for college. Across the country. Everything seemed dismal, where was the batman to your robin? How would you survive?

You immediately promised to be in constant contact with one another.

You subsequently got jealous of all the other people that they had pictures posted with on Insta, Facebook, and especially their drunk Snapchat stories. (Because god dammit you need to be there to protect them.)

At first, you probably thought that no one could ever get accustomed your odd quirks as much as your BFF from home.

And the mere thought of them made you sappy and homesick for them.

But their constant support endured the uprooting of your friendship, the stream of texts, Snapchats, and late-night Skypes kept you going. Their unwavering love got you through those killer finals and 20-page papers.

As breaks approached, you started becoming giddy with excitement of their arrival back into your life.

And then, after far too much time… You were reunited.

And it never so amazing to have your bestie back in your arms. And don’t lie to yourself, tears were most likely shed.

And then, even though you talked basically everyday, there was still more to catch up on.

But you finally had your sister from another mister back and couldn’t be happier if you tried.

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