11 Things Everyone Actually Uses In College
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11 Things Everyone Actually Uses In College

I've seen a lot of lists of 'needs' for university life, but these are things I really can't live without.

11 Things Everyone Actually Uses In College

All over the internet there are lists of 'what you actually need in college'. In actuality a lot of what's on those lists are not totally necessary. Have I worn the sky high heels someone on Pinterest recommended I bring for a 'night out on the town'? No, because I have had no nights on the town. Have I used my fluffy socks that no one ever told me to bring? Yes. So here's a list of clothes and accessories I have actually used so far in my college career (and as a junior, I feel like I would know).


A good working watch that goes with everything can be really helpful. I know everyone is all into checking the time on their phone, but when you’re running somewhere and you need to check the time, you can just glance at your wrist. Plus it can be a fashionable accessory to help perk up any look.

2. Comfortable Shoes

Everyone, men and women, need a pair of shoes they can traipse all over campus in. Ideally these are shoes you can wear year-round that can be also be dressed up for presentations. I have a pair of ankle boots that fit the bill and I get so many compliments on them.

3. Tote bag

Will you have a backpack in college? Absolutely, but sometimes you don’t need a whole bookbag. An easy tote is a staple in a closet for carrying around a sweatshirt, wallet, keys and your phone. Walmart sells some cheap reversible ones, so you can get two colors for the price of one (mine is black/brown but they had some brighter combinations as well).

4. Water Bottle

You don’t realize how much water you need to be drinking everyday, and how a sip or two can help freshen you up. Get one that doesn’t leak, you can put ice in, and fits in your bag. I like Tervis brand the best because they can hold both hot and cold liquids, come in cute patterns, and you can use them all day every day.

5. Jeans

Having a favorite pair of jeans that you always feel good in can boost your confidence. You can wear them to class, on a date, to a concert, and you know they’ll always look nice. Find a pair of jeans you can’t live without and get two pairs.

6. Sweatpants/Leggings

Everyone should own a pair of REALLY comfortable sweats to chill in. I personally don’t leave the house wearing sweatpants because I’m high maintenance and won’t allow myself to be seen like that, but I have a pair that I like to throw on when I get back to the dorm.

7. Perfume/Cologne/Body Spray

For Christmas this past year my grandmother gifted me a small bottle of Chanel No.5 perfume she’d had for awhile, unopened, under her sink. Every school day I spritz some on my throat and rub some on my wrists, and it gives me a kick that makes the morning a little better. Being a college kid without a lot of money (with no money) it’s really nice to feel extravagant in such a small way. Get something that you think smells great and use it as your signature scent!

8. V-Neck Shirts

V-Necks are the most versatile shirt there is. I have three that I wear on rotation and they can be tucked into a skirt to be dressed up or worn with jeans and sandals to be casual. It shows that you put a little more effort into your look than just a t-shirt and they look good on both men and women.

9.Rain Attire

Depending on where you live, rain might not be a big part of your life, but here in Drenchburg it definitely is. Rain boots keep me indestructible on the way to class, and a brightly colored raincoat can cheer up a cloudy day. Umbrella’s are nice too, especially for walking long distances when it’s pouring.

10. Protective Phone Case

During my freshman year I dropped my phone in the toilet. Thanks to water damage, my screen started flashing green stripes. I highly recommend getting a solid case, like an Otterbox or a LifeProof--they’ll keep your phone secure even when you drop it off your loft. Function over fashion here: most uber protective cases aren’t very cute, but I’d rather have a safe phone than a broken one in a stylish case.

11. Blankets

Fluffy blankets make everything better. They’re great for having a picnic, watching a movie, wrapping yourself up like a burrito when you’re sick, and keeping warm when your roommate turns the air down below freezing.

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