These Songs Will Change Your Life
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These Songs Will Change Your Life

Everyone needs some new music in their life.

These Songs Will Change Your Life
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Everyone needs a good song to listen to when you're having a happy day or even a sad day. There is a song for every feeling and every moment whether you just came back to your room after the worst day ever and all you want to do is wallow in your sadness or whether you just came back from that party and the boy you adore noticed who you were and all you want to do is dance in your underwear. Here is a rough list of 10 songs that are not necessarily my favorite songs, but songs I have come to make memories with, songs that make me feel good, songs that teach me lessons, songs that are there for me when I am happy and when I am sad.

1. You by The 1975

This song is full of lust and nostalgia and heartbreak and frustration. It is everything I aspire in a song. Whether you're listening to it with your eyes closed and tears streaming down your face or taking a walk through town feeling like you're on top of the world, this is a song that makes you feel everything and nothing at all.

2. As We Are Now by Saint Raymond

This is a song you need to blast in the car on a hot summer night with your bestest friends and have absolutely no care in the world. After all, "We will never be as young as we are now" so scream the lyrics out of the car window regardless if you are making a complete full out of yourself.

3. Box Wine by The Foxies

This song is for the ladies (or even men) who are having a fantastic day and all you want to do is feel yourself. Pour yourself a glass of cheap, box wine, hold that glass up above your head, and give yourself a 'cheers' for simply just being a bomb af human being! GO YOU!

4. Lost (Lenno Remix) by Scavenger Hunt

This song will make you feel nostalgic after losing someone who made your heart pitter-patter, someone you used to get lost with, but don't listen to this song and be sad over it. Blast it as loud as it could possibly go and do that little dance of yours that you only show off in front of your closest friends. Instead of getting lost with a significant other, get lost with yourself. Let this song inspire you to go out and see the world without needing someone beside you.

5. Made In Hollywood by LANY

Complete feel-good song! I honestly could just stop there because that's simply what it is. It's one of those songs that takes you back to the good 'ole days and makes you feel like everything is alright with the world.

6. Breathe In by Japanese Wallpaper (ft. Wafia)

This song was made for those who are feeling lost in the world and all you need is a moment to simply just breathe. Make yourself a cup of tea, cuddle under a cozy blanket, and take it all in.

7. Saola (Odesza Remix) by Beat Connection

"Well, well, I guess that's life. You can't pick out the pieces that you don't like." In life there are going to be things that you don't want, but part of life is dealing with those things because those "bad" things make you see all the good. Play this song on one of those days where you feel like everything in your life is horrible. The vibe-y, electric feel of the song will make you realize that life is beautiful no matter how many crappy things it throws at you at times.

8. A Rush of Blood by Coasts

You know that boy/girl in class that you have only exchanged a couple of words with because every time you try to form words in front of them, a rush of blood goes to your head that makes you feel like you might just faint from the nervousness that's building up inside of you. This song is about that feeling.

9. West by Sleeping At Last

When you're just feeling like being sad (which is completely necessary some days), this is the perfect song for those days. It pulls at every one of your heart strings and hits you straight through the core. It'll remind you of that person who left your life as if they were never really a part of it in the first place. Warning: it WILL make you cry.

10. I Know A Place by MUNA

This song. THIS SONG!! I have recently discovered this song and fell in love immediately. It kind of has an 80s, dance-y feel, which are probably my favorite type of songs ever! This song makes you feel invincible. *Note: I highly suggest looking up the artist's message behind this song. This song is meant to make you feel powerful and courageous. It is meant to make you realize that you have a place in this world and to not be afraid to express yourself.

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