There Was A Spider Living In My Bathroom For A Couple Days

Alright, story time! So, earlier in the week, I was cleaning my bathtub and the walls, and during this process, I noticed a brown speck thing up in the corner near the shower head. I figured it was just lint or something. Now, how would lint find its way into the corner of my shower? I have no idea.

Fast forward to a few hours later. Midway through my second daily shower (don't judge me), I saw that the speck was still there, and decided to actually look at it. After some careful observation, I started to see little legs and stuff, and I instantly knew it was a spider. I panicked a little, finished my shower after telling it that if it didn't try to kill me while I was showering, I wouldn't burn the house down, and then went on my merry way.

Now, after realizing it was a spider, a lot of people would have screamed, gotten out of the shower, and try to kill it with whatever was handy. I've never really been one to kill spiders and whatnot, mainly because I know they won't try to kill me unless they are in a situation where they feel threatened. Also, spiders usually kill other bugs such as flies and mosquitoes, and since I hate both of those insects, I was completely okay with it.

While sitting in the bathroom drying off after my shower, I decided to name him Windsor, and dubbed him the guardian of my bathroom.

Later that day before going to sleep and failing to identify the type of spider it was, I posted a similar picture on Reddit to try to figure out if this was the kind of spider that would kill me in my sleep. Upon waking up, I was met with a comment say that it was a "spitting spider" of the Scytodes genus. Pretty much, it spits venom out of its face towards stuff to kill it. These spiders are known to hunt other spiders, such as the brown recluse. After reading this, I knew Windsor would make me proud as guardian of my bathroom.

Throughout the next two days, I'd pop into my bathroom to check on him, seeing if he moved, and if he had a web anywhere. Not much had changed in the two days, other than where he was chilling.

Though, on the third day before my morning shower before work, I scanned the walls and corners for him, but I had failed to find him. Figuring that maybe he was on vacation or something, I didn't think much of his absence. But, after another day, I began to worry. What if another spider got to him? What if he ran away in some teen-angst fueled rage? My little bathroom guardian can't be all alone in the cruel world, he isn't ready yet.

I still have not been able to find Windsor, and here is the most recent picture of him that I have. Baby, if you're out there, please come back, I miss you, and there is a fly in my bathroom that won't leave me alone.

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