4 Important Themes On 'Nice To Meet You'
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4 Important Themes On 'Nice To Meet You' Everyone Can Learn From

It's hard to admit that your actions are wrong.


I recently finished a Chinese TV drama called "Nice to Meet You." It is a Cinderella story that involves jewelry, additional characters, and additional plots. The story is about a woman who strives to be a jewelry designer for her mother. As she strives to be a jewelry designer, she has to deal with her stepsister because she stands in her way. Her real nemesis is her stepmother who has stolen her mother's success as a designer in the past.

Luckily, she has support from her friends, family, and lover who understand her situation.

This drama overall has taught me a lot of themes. These themes are very sentimental and can be applied in real life. Some themes have more than one moment that portrays them. I will just share the strongest moments to shorten this article.

Before reading the rest of the article, here is a list of characters to know about.

Gao Jie – Main character

Yu Zhi – Gao Jie's lover

Gao Hui – Gao Jie's stepsister

Yu Yi – Yu Zhi's brother, Gao Hui's lover

Mu Zi Yun – Gao Jie's aunt, Yu Zhi's stepmother

Wu Xiao Ci – Gao Jie's stepmother, Gao Hui's mother

Si Cheng – Gao Jie's best friend

1. Falling in love is not easy when the one you love does not love you back

In some episodes, Si Cheng always helps Gao Jie whenever she needs it. He cares about her so much that he falls in love with her. He confesses to her a few times when Gao Jie works in his company. The most heartfelt confession takes place when he and Gao Jie wins a prize in his company. The prize is flowers to Gao Jie. There is a message from Si Cheng that asks her to be his girlfriend. Gao Jie appreciates the flowers from him, but Gao Jie chooses Yi Zhi since she loves him the most.

Gao Jie apologizes and hopes that Si Cheng will find a better woman than her. She also wants to continue being his best friend. She leaves the scene and Si Cheng just stands there feeling heartbroken. Despite the rejection, Si Cheng still helps Gao Jie and allows her to do anything that she wants. Judging by their friendship, Si Cheng is a very good character. His love for Gao Jie is very sincere, but sadly, life does not want him to end up with her.

2. Power is not everything as long as you have your family and loved ones

Mu Zi Yu succeeds in taking over her mother-in-law's company. The characters especially Gao Jie oppose her for what she has done. Later on, Yu Zhi saves her from jail and Mu Zi Yu changes her character after that. She decides to apologize to her mother-in-law at the hospital. Her mother-in-law is angry for what she has done, but she still allows her to see her. For many years, women have a strong mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship. Mu Zi Yu apologizes to mother-in-law in tears. She tells her that she has been blinded by power and the best power that she should have instead is her family and loved ones. Her mother-in-law forgives her and the two women reconcile. From this scene, people like Mu Zi Yu want more than what they have, but what they have is already enough.

3. It's hard to admit that your actions are wrong

At the last episode, Wu Xiao Ci and Gao Hui change their character. Throughout the drama, they are the main antagonists that have made Gao Jie and her family's lives miserable. At the park, Wu Xiao Ci and Gao Hui have a nice mother and daughter talk. One thing that Wu Xiao Ci tells Gao Hui is that she wishes that she knows about her wrongdoings earlier. If she apologizes to Gao Jie's mother in the past, then everybody will not suffer in the present. All the evil deeds besides the one in the past are all for Gao Hui. She tells Gao Hui to not make the same mistakes as she did.

From this scene, Wu Xiao Ci really cares about Gao Hui a lot. However, she shows her love in the wrong way which brought suffering to a lot of people especially Gao Jie. Sometimes, people like Wu Xiao Ci go against their conscience in order to fulfill their needs and protect the ones that they love.

4. Forgiving someone is not an easy process

At the last episode, the saddest part is Gao Hui's apology to Yu Yi. She tricked him two times. One time is when Yu Yi uses all of his stock to publish her jewelry product. The loss of stock brings down his grandmother's company. The second time is when she uses his password to mess up Gao Jie's online jewelry sale in the new company that he created with Yu Zhi. Gao Hui asks Yu Yi to give her a second chance. She really loves him so much that she does not want to lose him. She tells him that if he does not want to give her a second chance, then he can just remain quiet.

The scene gets blacked out without Yu Yi responding. This shows that Yu Yi does not want to get back with her even though he still loves her. From this moment, forgiving someone can be a painful process especially if the person does not want to be forgiving. I was hoping that those two will end up together and be given a second chance. Sadly, the creators of the drama do not want to give them a happy ending even though they give Gao Jie and Yu Zhi a happy ending.

Hopefully, these heartwarming themes help me in life!

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