The Words Of A Twenty-Something, Politically Knowledgeable Women
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The Words Of A Twenty-Something, Politically Knowledgeable Women

Twenty-somethings involvement in the current political landscape.

The Words Of A Twenty-Something, Politically Knowledgeable Women
Photo by: Elise Pelletier

Millennial interaction with the recent election and presidential inauguration has been incredible. Typically, I am one to stay out of controversial conversations and refrain from posting my opinions on the state of the U.S. Government and political views, but it has been undoubtedly fascinating, to see it all unfold as our generation is involved and active in the current political landscape.

The Power of Social

Social media diffusion in society with our generation is alive more than ever and its power in the political realm is no different. The use of social media has played a monumental role in millennial effect on how we learn, react and challenge the political views discussed in the media each day. I think this speaks volumes to the potential my generation has to act upon the knowledge we are exposed to daily. How we handle our opinions, and how we seem to be analyzed and hastily labeled with the “millennial” negative connotation.

Get Educated.

I have been enlighten in the recent political landscape and I have seen much more positives from my generation as opposed to the traditional, negative connotation with us twenty something’s. With the overwhelming amount of media influence, hitting us at truly a relentless level; we need knowledge.

Read for credibility.

With the overwhelming amount of media insanity in our faces constantly, reading through the clutter can be difficulty. I believe as influential millennials, it is import to be cautious of media credibility, projecting opinion on those piece that have some type of merit. Sharing opinions on topics and issues with a level of merit, provides justification to decrease the use of the negative connation associated with “millennials”.

Take time and give your finger a break.

With the media overload on our social channels, take 5 minutes to read headlines. Don’t constantly scroll past creditable news pieces, more than likely there will provide vital knowledge on current issues. Develop and follow those news outlets you enjoy reading, this will make the process less painful, also setting aside time at a particular point in the day can help. Maybe that time is while drinking your morning coffee (my preference), during your lunch or while you’re on the treadmill. Find the time to become politically knowledge.

Follow what you believe.

Like what we have heard for decades, follow what we believe, the same philosophy pertains in your political action. Politically educate yourself to be confident to stand up on certain issues, challenge those around you and make judicious voting decision based on your beliefs.

Politically active or not, be your best beautiful self.

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